Thursday, August 5, 2010

Casual Friday - Flip'd over Flops

Stained shirt. Flip problem. Just don't emulate this guy around the office water cooler.

  • Listened to a guy go on a 3 minute rant about flip-flops yesterday. It actually may have been longer, but I walked away once his face got a little too red.
  • I mean there are articles of clothing I refuse to wear...jorts come to mind. Also, I'm not a big fan of sweaters. Mainly because I rarely get cold and have never worn a sweater that didn't make me want to pass out after sweating it through.
  • But I've never felt the need to let everyone within a 2.5 mile radius know exactly why I HATE orange sweaters and jean shorts. Ok, there was that once...but I hope you get my point.
  • In other news, Greg McGarity has become quite popular in Athens. 48 others applied for the ADship as well, although one name is noticeably missing from Tucker's.

Me...I know exactly where Butts-Mehre is and I don't drink martinis.

  • Logan is also gaining some constituents. Maybe August will be enough.
  • Dontavious Jackson (not the one you're thinking of) was arrested in the toe typer's robbery case. If you don't live in GA or the ATL...Amy Windom had her hands bound to her bed by a thief and yet was able to open her laptop which was left behind and type out an IM to her boyfriend to get help.
  • Skepticism ensued. I'm not sure why. After all I once ordered a Gumby's pizza from a 1992 cellular phone using just my butt cheeks. Unfortunately it didn't get me any notoriety...and it came without mushrooms.
  • The nerds start practice today....(chirp!....chirp!...)
  • On a related note, I was watching a Flash Back Classic with that Rathbun fella last night. It was the 1991 installment of Clean Old Fashioned Hate. Here's a quote from Bobby Ross: "We like to think the ACC is just as good as the SEC." I'll wait for you to stop laughing...
  • Keep in mind this is the same year DiddyFreeShoes hitched his wagon to that mighty Athletic Coast. So we can possibly understand Ross' misconception. But it's also a few months before the SEC added South Crackalacky's prestigious bowl record. So either way I come out with a score of 18-15!!! Thank you Kanon Parkman.
How's that for a blast from the past? Well, enjoy your weekend of open toed shoe wear. Flip flops may not be practical in all seasons or situations, but they can save you from precarious positions. Just ask Ms. Windom. She's awfully glad she didn't have her kicks laced up and tied when Mr. Jackson left her neighborhood.

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