Friday, August 27, 2010

Ealey Chooses Mug Shot Over DMV

UPDATE: Oh swell, a bench warrant too.

I can NOT stand going to the Department of Motor Vehicles. I've never had a trip there that wasn't eventful in some form or fashion. You walk into a DMV and you are asking for at best a long line, at worst a difficult encounter in a shallow gene pool. 

But given the choice of posing for a picture there or for a you really even need to ask?

The issue of suspended licenses and the University of Georgia football team continued its awkward dance early this morning. The only beneficiaries are the teams that play the Dawgs during Washaun Ealey's suspension. If it's one game, we're lucky we don't have an OOC BCS team coming to Athens. If it's two games...hello King/Thomas Connector! Take us through Chickumbia!

And don't kid yourself, the issue is completely about Ealey's license. If it wasn't suspended at the time, he wouldn't have felt the urge to flee after being stopped by a parking official. One mistake led to a bad decision. Suddenly choosing to drive while unlicensed has hurt Ealey himself, his teammates and his fans. Not to mention an innocent driver who happened to park in Ealey's way.

The message boreds will undoubtedly take a shot or two at Coach Richt. Finebaum and his minions will happily lead the charge if necessary. But what is a man supposed to do that he's not already taking care of? His staff handles this to the best of their ability. At some point you just have to hitch a ride down Lexington HWY and fill out a form. Blue or black ink will do.

My message to any UGA athlete is simple: driving is a privilege, not a right. Your license must be current. The line forms at the back.


JenniferfromLaJolla said...

Well said! Seems so simple. And for many, it is. Maybe it is time the players police each other. Wonder if one of them could come up with a solution to this problem.

Oh and Washaun is 21, so this incident can't be chalked up to the fact that his frontal lobe is not yet fully formed. The "college kids being college kids" excuse is wearing really thin.

Bernie said...

I think the staff's doing a good job of policing it. I would suspect the players are as well to some degree, given the absurd number of these things we've had. But some just aren't following through with the trip to the back of the line, pen in hand.

All that's left is for people like you and I to bang our heads against cinder block. Ugh.