Thursday, August 19, 2010

Finebaum...Go shove a thermometer up your own ass!

After an undergraduate degree and two advanced degrees I've spent a LOT of time discussing and writing about statistics. The main question is usually whether a study is significant or not. I always figured if I was being required to study it and write or present on it, then it must be significant in some way.

For nearly a month I ran the CMR Hotseat Poll to the left there. Before it closed yesterday it collected 605 votes. I call that a significant sample. And of those 605 ballots cast, FIVE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY TWENTY SIX (h/t Cojones) were a definitive No. I call that an overwhelming majority. And since it appeared on this distinguished URL...I consider it statistically significant.

So for those media mental midgets who spent all off-season discussing the temperature of Coach Richt's rear end...kiss my poll!


dawg1976 said...

ha... very well said

Anonymous said...

You must not be aware that according to Finebaum himself, that according to the Orlando Sentinel he is the most powerful media person in the SEC.

Ofcourse to most rational people of which not many are from Alabama, he has the mentality of Head Cheese and, he's a Ut grad.

Nuf Said?

Cojones said...

Watch out for the math. You posted 586, but that's 60 above what I saw to the left. I'm trying to help you from giving Finebaum something to crow his ignorant ass about. OK?

Bernie said...

You're right Cajones. I transcombobulated my raw figure and its percentage. Thanks.

(transcombobulated - I eff'd it up...)

Anonymous said...

Finebaum is a grade A douche bag who thinks the center of the universe revolves around his opinions and Tuscaloosa. Most powerful media person in the SEC??? Ha that is funny. I guarantee the average team blog gets more hits daily than Finebaum gets listeners in a week for that joke of a radio show.

Someone locally said it best on the radio in regards to Finebaum. He's a bald stooge.

Stephen said...