Saturday, August 14, 2010

Lakatos is Turning Over Secondary

Found this old piece by Fletcher Page at DawgPost from back in the spring. It got me all (re)geek'd up about our hire from UConn. Coach Lakatos has brought his in your face style to Athens and the kids are diggin' it. There's no need to reflect on how abysmal last season was in terms of the gives and the takes. If early indications are on target, this season will be a stark contrast to what once was.

But don't take my word for it.
I love how he coaches me. It’s different from last year. He’s more hands-on. When he gets on you, he gets on you in a respectful manner. He’ll coach you hard, but he’s just about football. It’s noticeable. - Nick Williams
It’s more ball. Coach Martinez wanted you to play the man, the hand and basket. He teached that in certain techniques, but coach Lakatos, he wants the ball. Yeah, he wants the ball. - Vance Cuff
My preference is to press. I like being physical and getting up on the line, so I really like it. I think the more we play it, I think everybody enjoys it, and we’re learning the techniques, and the things to get up in the receivers. It’s fun to knock them off their timing and to frustrate them. - Brandon Boykin
Basically, jamming, that’s what most corners really don’t know how to do real good. - Branden Smith
That's a pretty good sampling and the message is clear. They're happy with the new philosophy.


The 3rd Richt said...

I like what I'm hearing. Hope it carries over to gameday and we execute the way the junkyard dawgs are supposed to. GATA!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope opposing offenses become Lakatos intolerant. I'll be here all week folks!

Ally said...

The Arkansas game has had me worried. We'll not face a better QB & corp of receivers than when the Hogs come to town. Considering Ark doesn't have much of a running game & i'm pretty skeptical ab our new Dline (remember even Saban lost to Louisiana Monroe his 1st yr at Bama), news of an attacking secondary is more than welcome. Watching what he did to Stephen Garcia with his secondary at UConn gives me BIG hope :)

Bernie said...

Yeh, that PapaJohns replay was on the other day and I failed to set DVR in time. Only saw last few minutes. Hope they re-air soon.

And Anon...please remember to tip your waitress.