Tuesday, August 17, 2010

LeMay to Sit Out Senior Season

Faced with about a half-season suspension or playing for a private school, Christian LeMay has decided to sit out his entire senior season.
After briefly considering a transfer to other schools to play his senior season, he and his family decided he would not play this fall. According to his father, Stacy LeMay, he will transfer to a private school to finish his academic work in time to enroll early at Georgia in January. He will be eligible to participate in spring practice and compete for playing time.
"Given the unwillingness of (Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools) to apply a more reasonable consequence for such a youthful infraction, as disheartening as it is, we must make the decision to move on and focus Christian's attention to preparing for enrollment at the University of Georgia in January," the family made in a statement toSporting News. "Although rumors suggest that Christian would likely transfer … Christian could not imagine playing his senior season at any place other than with his brother Uriah and his teammates at Butler High School."
LeMay threw for over 3000 yards and 44 TDs last season as he led Butler to its first state title. He's the prized commitment of Coach Richt's 2011 class.

However, it still remains unclear as to how LeMay's suspension from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools will affect his future enrollment even though Mr. LeMay has reiterated that Coach Richt is standing behind his scholarship offer. 

The AJCs Chip Towers has the full LeMay Family statement, which concludes:
Christian will now prepare himself for the next season of his life as he takes this time to become stronger spiritually, academically and physically. With the help of fitness trainer Andy Hendel of CrossFit Charlotte and quarterback coach Steve Calhoun of Armed and Dangerous, Christian will certainly be prepared to arrive in Georgia this spring ready to compete. We are fully confident that his best days are still yet to come. GO BULLDOGS!!!


AthensHomerDawg said...

Just hope he can shake off the rust and stay in shape. Getting into Athens early might be a good thing for him. Let him hang out with Gray and keep him out of trouble. No "hostess" contact for awhile. On another note, is UT canceling their home and home with NC? Has Tennessee football slipped that far that they now have to cherry pick teams they can compete with? I hate it, but I still hope Bobo puts 56 points on them and that 3-4 D holds them to zip!

Dawg19 said...

Didn't Aaron Murray sit out at least half of his senior season (due to injury), only to come back late and lead them to a state championship? Why can't Lemay do that?

AthensHomerDawg said...

Apparently not in the cards. His HS principal is gone and reassigned to another school.... personally, having friends as superintendents in the system... that just ain't small change. Sounds like a cluster. He probably can move on salvage his diploma and make that next step. I would pair him with Gray.... teacher/student deal and mentor as well. Gee what do I know. ( 2 sons both played sports and made their own mistakes)...just sayin' I guess I am really high on Logan... he has some intangibles.
just sayin'

Bernie said...

The difference b/t LeMay and Murray is that the return timeframe is an even bigger question mark for Christian. After reading up on it this morning, his suspension might end in mid-October, but he might not see the field until season's end. It sounds like the LeMays were faced with many variables.

I certainly don't know all of the facts, but in the end I think they decided to do what was best academically and let everything else fall into place. Sticking with CMS sounds like it would've meant finishing in May instead of December. I think the biggest concern at this point for Dawg fans is UGA Admissions. He's a good...scratch that...great kid and should be cleared. But they're still a hurdle since he was suspended.

As for the HillBillys AthensHomerDawg, they're probably much more worried about fielding a full squad. Those gap-tooth'd wonders are dropping like flies up there.