Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Logan Gray Situation

There are a lot of story lines as the team sets up camp. Certainly Aaron Murray starting at a razor thin QB position and a squeaky clean 3-4 Grantham led defense are two biggies. But the Logan Gray Situation is perhaps the biggest. A lack of depth at WR this season is one BIG reason why he's still a Dawg. It's a transition he can make with his natural skillset.

But will we see him catch more passes than he throws?

Logan right now is at the bottom of a shallow tank. He'll never be as good as the two starters we have right in place. AJ and Tavarres have skills he won't develop. Wooten, Durham, Brown and Troupe, those he might be able catch...but it will take time. Probably more than August has.

And realistically, what's worse is it might take an injury or two. Wooten has shown me enough that I don't expect Gray to outflank him. Durham as well, but he's coming back from a difficult surgery. Troupe has had some highlights, but he's never broken out. Brown has some God given gifts, but we'll see how much he's developed in the off season.

With that admittedly raw analysis of the WR position it's fair to say Gray may break into some kind of rotation. But I'd be surprised if it happens before Tennessee. I didn't even get into the fact that Orson Charles could certainly play out wide or in the slot. That would leave Michael Bennett as the potential only person with a steeper climb than Gray.

But one thing is for certain, Dawg fans will be crossing their fingers and squeezing rabbits' feet that by the time Gray breaks into a rotation at receiver he's not needed under center. One of the greatest highlights this upcoming season could be a TD pass from Murray to Gray.

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AthensHomerDawg said...

Size/physique wise Gray reminds me a lot of Terrance Edwards. Maybe slightly faster. Am I remembering right?

MikeInValdosta said...

HomerDawg may be right, but I have not seen any evidence of Gray having Terrance Edwards type speed. If Gray is that fast, I suspect August will provide plenty of time.

As for the Murray to Gray TD pass, I expect we will see a Gray to Murray TD, a la Florida '05.

Ollllddude said...

Speed. The whole time Logan has been a Bulldawg we have been told that he is an athlete. Tall, fast, good hands. CMR used to say that he wanted to get LG into games so he could make stuff happen with his running game, his elusiveness, his quick feet. I can't recall seeing it myself - I dunno, maybe a play or two in a spring game - but I also don't think CMR is just making that up, so maybe he really does have some speed, and perhaps more to the point, some useful moves in the open field. I agree that there are more people ahead of him than behind him in the rotation, but even without injury, hopefully, we will see enough offense that he will get a chance. Seeing him blossom would be a good story, especially if it came with an SEC championship. Or more.

AthensHomerDawg said...

You know its interesting to note that Hines Ward played QB/RB/WR before settling into his natural position and who can forget Robert Edwards transition from D back to RB. If he doesn't break that foot we beat Tennessee. I don't remember if Terrance played any QB in HS.... but I'm hoping Logan can transition to WR and do so quickly and make a contribution. That would be great if he could have a "Bulldog Moment"!

Bernie said...

I can't find Terrence's 40 time, but Scout has Logan's at a 4.55. So while the body type may be similar, I don't think Gray quite has Edwards' speed. That being said, the comparison may be a good one. Especially if Gray can produce the numbers Edwards did.

The Robert Edwards move was legendary. Hines Ward as much out of necessity but legendary in its own right. If the Gray move comes close to touching those I'd be thrilled.

Maybe it's just me, but unless there are key injuries I see Gray mostly rotating into the slot position where he can try and draw the favorable matchups against nickelbacks and LBs. But my main point is that I simply hope...scratch that, PRAY that he gets to continue his reps at WR throughout the season.

Lucid Idiocy said...

I'm pretty sure the Logan Gray situation is that there isn't one, other than he's probably setting a record for the ration of ink spent writing about him vs. talent and production.

Dawgfan17 said...

End around WR pass would be something fun to try in a blow out in the first game if for no other reason but to make other teams have to game plan/think about it every time LG steps on the field for the rest of the year.