Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday's Meatloaf - Applying a Silver Lining

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Back in January of 2009 I started what can only be referred to as the first 680 the Fan Facebook Page. I invited those guys to join. Some of them did. But soon the second 680 the Fan Facebook Page was born and it can only be referred to as the official one. After all, it has close to 2000 more members.

I'm not upset. Kinda glad they followed my lead. Took the pressure off of posting crap on BookFace Facebook. 

Fast forward a year when I was flustered that there were times when I couldn't hear the 680 the Fan broadcast because I was out of range. That 790 station had an app for my phone that allowed me to listen to them, why couldn't 680?

So I emailed those guys. I went several months just assuming no one bothered reading it. I didn't get a response, not even from that Chuck fella. But now, suddenly it's here. Complete with podcasts and blogs. It blows 790's app away. And I'm sure it was all due to my inspirational, long winded email. So if you're an iPhone user, go download it. If you have a crackberry or that new fangled Droid thing, maybe you should write on the official 680 wall.

Today's Ingredients
  • Bubba Watson couldn' quite bring home his first major. But he will be on the 2010 Ryder Cup team.
  • Yes. Exactly. Better athletes doesn't make the NFL superior to the college game. (h/t the Senator)
  • Dantzler has some good words on the McGarity hire, including an A list of who attended presser. Like Jeff said, Friday the 13th of August 2010, a great day for Georgia!!!
  • Quinton also welcomes McGarity home, but with a to do list.
  • No, I'm not worried (yet) about the o-line injuries. As things stand right now, no one's missing a game and the backups are getting more 1st team reps.
  • Paschall has a nice piece on Demarcus Dobbs and his adjustment from the 5 technique to the 3.
  • I'm about ready to eat my words regarding Logan Gray's development
  • Christian LeMay has been spotted a couple times at practices. Thinking we should hear something this week about his status for his senior season.
  • Damian Swann has a top two and one's ok with him playing baseball ($$) too.
  • Not gonna lie, wouldn't mind not seeing the lamecocks' all-star TE in Chickumbia next month. cocknfire sounds pessimistic that Weslye Saunders' eligibility will survive the latest in AgentGate.
  • And in picturegate, Chip Towers tries to bring closure after Crumley self-reported the violation.
  • Sounds like things are progressing in Oxford about as planned.
  • RichRod took another step toward sealing his fate in Ann Arbor.
  • Lastly, I saw an ESPN feature on JoePa and thought he looked very frail. Not surprising at his age. But at the end the talking heads felt he looked good, ready for football. Not everyone agrees.

It's never pleasant when bad (crap) happens to good people. Like say for instance...when the Dawg Nation's beloved Athletic Director tries to part-time it as a Girls Gone Wild! consultant.

But it's nice that we can close the book on that dreary day in June when all the nerds on north avenue started googling the term red panties to try and figure out exactly what had been found in Evans' lap. We got our guy...and he's not some no name who's just gonna sit on Prez Adams' knee and do his puppet thang.

And he's also not a guy who's gonna cost us over $4 million and charge the Athletic Department to fly all over the world. No, McGarity's not from the Lew Perkins mold and he's not into Buckhead martinis. He's from the Coach Magill mold. Bleeds red and black and knows a thing or two about building winners while keeping the ledger tilted in the right direction. He has an app for that.

And that sounds perfect to me. Grab your fork Reader and dig in. Not much is worse than cold meatloaf.


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