Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday's Meatloaf - Summer's Over, Let's Fall In

So we're down to one hand Reader; just five solitary days until it's finally here. But it's not all smiles and giggles. No, we have our own responsibilities too. The team needs our hearts, our barks and our commitment.

Honey-do lists are a heap of ashes on the back burner. Golf clubs a side item awaiting a spare moment. The lawn gets mowed on a weekday until next spring. Football is here. Beer is even colder. Welcome, unfold your chair.

Tailgate tales are full of legendary heroics from fans.  The one I'd like to inspire you with today exemplifies fan commitment. Back in August of 2000 Nama dunked on a former AAU player at the local YMCA, but as he returned to Earth his knee ligaments became tissue shrapnel. Surgery was needed but would've meant sitting out the season. I love the guy, but I'm not carrying an extra 2+ bills from the tailgate to Sanford Stadium each home game.

Instead, Nama put the doctor on hold, waited until the Monday after Jacksonville to go under the knife, recouped during a bye week and an away game on the plains, then returned to Glory, Glory and used his crutches to signal touchdowns as the Dawgs pounded the Rebels 32-14. Nama's heroics weren't enough to save Donnan's job...but it was one for the UGA Fandom Record Books.

Nama knows where his seat is. His bark measures up to his bite. The rest of us have just a short time to fall in line.

Today's Ingredients
  • This weekend kicked my butt. I'm very glad Cord HamDog only turns 40 once. As Zach Galifianakis would say, I think I African-American'd out.
  • With the Ealey suspension, the 3-4 offense will not be unveiled until Chickumbia at the earliest. But the 3-4 defense is primed and ready for Saturday.
  • One guy who has completed his 2010 predictions is Mackie
  • BullDawg Josh gave us Terry Hoage in the B'nE countdown yesterday.
  • Exile projects out the Dawgs' tv schedule.
  • Hamp's back, and gives us a run down of what to expect from Aaron Murray.
  • Ton of stuff in the ABHs football preview. I particularly enjoyed Clarkson's piece on Clint Boling.
  • Carvell posted a video of Dawg recruit Jay Rome. No highlights, but you can get to know him a little better.
  • Speaking of recruiting, Friday Night Lights have been lit! And Scott and Martin Van Dawgin each took in a future Dawg's performance. Hedges has a wrap-up of Sterling Bailey's performance for East Hall and Stuff of Legend has North Paulding's Chris Conley covered. Not an easy task.
  • Also from Hedges, Dawgola Tesla had the privilege of attending Saturday morning's practice.
  • Akeem Dent's nearly ready to put a dent in opposing running backs.
  • Much of my hangup on the direction this season takes rides on the contest in Chickumbia. Where else right? The Senator points out my one thread of optimism in the season's second game: Spurrier's choice between a true freshman QB against Coach Grantham's aggressive defense, OR...a junior QB still searching for an identity and drowning in The Visor's sea of turbulence. I'll take a little of both, and let it ride.
  • Speaking of the head chicken, he ain't skeer'd of playing potentially pro players.
  • Surrounded by green hornets, Rex remembered an important motto, a mantra of his 1980 team.
  • Lastly, I've seen some crazy things happen on a golf course. But I've never had to let a Cessna twosome play through.
Lemme come clean. And while I'm at it, I should also apologize. 

I typed a couple weeks ago that I would have a season preview out, and I failed to live up to it. It's not because I slacked off. Honest. I just can't help but be torn. I feel like the little kid on the edge of a swimming pool's diving board for the first time. I desperately want the thrill of jumping into the cool depths of refreshment, but I'm also afraid to take the leap.

I'm typically a homer, and think the Dawgs win every game. But last season that didn't work out too well. This season I can honestly see the team heading into Atlanta in December sporting one single loss. The hesitations of a redshirt freshman QB seemingly laughable. The cautiousness of accepting Grantham's 3-4 ludicrous in retrospect. 

On the other hand...this could also be a 4 or 5 loss team, riddled with injuries and struggling to accept an identity. I can see them limping through September, then gain some momentum before stumbling through the season's midpoint. 

So I'm sorry. I should've just stuck with a thought process and not talked myself out of it. August is no time for indecision dammit! Toe meets leather in 5. So long La-Z-Boy Saturdays, hello tailgate chair heroics. I'll post my prognostications on Wednesday.

For now though, enjoy the lunch Reader. Here's an extra napkin.


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