Thursday, August 19, 2010

Murray: Who's Got His Back?

New poll is up. So get your vote on.

Mackie posted something like this about a month ago.. Now that it's closer to time (16 days!!), who do you think will take the garbage snaps against the Ragin' Cajuns? Here are the contenders:
  • Aaron "Bionic Man" Murray - leave him out there, potential injuries be damned! Save Mason's redshirt for a time of desperation.
  • Hutson Mason - he's gotten plenty of praise. It's probably time to see what he can do. Leave Gray with the receivers and let the true freshman hand the clipboard to a walk-on.
  • Logan Gray - sure he's done well preparing at WR, but he's the only player with actual game snaps. This game was made for him.
  • Walk-Ons - it's not often we're this shallow at QB. Give these guys a chance to play.
Personally, I think it's highly doubtful Mason survives the 2010 season without his redshirt getting a grass stain or two. If the reviews of Gray catching passes were less than positive I might feel differently. But this seems like a no-brainer to me: let Mason play whenever needed, keep Gray in the game late...but on the receiving end of passes rather than under center. 


AthensHomerDawg said...

Get Mason some game day snaps. That kid from NC will be here in January. We need a steady backup QB this season. Turn Gray lose at WR. It is all about the reps now.

BulldogBry said...

I agree. We've recently seen what lack of game experience can do. If LeMay is as advertised (and doesn't need a redshirt) it may be the only time Mason gets.

Bernie said...

I'm big on LeMay too. If his admission goes through without any glitches he's gonna push Murray hard.

But I'm not counting Mason out either. If they're giving him serious consideration at #2 that tells me his SEC pocket brain is developing as fast as Stafford's. And if he had Stafford's arm strength...Mason might just be pushing Murray right now.