Thursday, August 26, 2010

Now Munson's WhatYaGotLoran is Gone. Ugh.

Smith Steps Back; Dowdle to Roam Sideline

I'm not a big Dowdle fan. I won't hide that. But I'm trying not to let that muddy the waters of this story. It's the end of an era certainly. Loran Smith may not have been critical to the gametime experience on Fall Saturdays 'tween the hedges, but he added his own flair. And if you're like me, you dug it. Whether you like Smith or not, there's no doubting that the man bleeds red and black. I especially enjoy his written word.

But lo, Smith will not conduct the locker room post-game interviews or report from the sideline this fall. Retired WSB sports dude Chuck Dowdle will take on those duties. The phrase being used is natural progression in terms of Loran's move. That smells like he's being forced into his adapted role.

What ya got Loran?...thanks for the memories, seemingly useless comments and especially the injury updates.

Here's Weiszer's full rundown of the changes, which include a new role for Dawg legend David Greene.

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Ollllddude said...

I am not a huge Loran Smith fan, especially without Munson, but Chuck Dowdle is not an upgrade. In fact, it is something of a step backward, iyam.