Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Richard Samuel Situation

I thought this would be a nice post to follow up yesterday's on Logan Gray. Then Dexter Morant goes and makes it even more compelling. Thanks dude. Ugh.

If Gray's switch is the most talked about, Richard Samuel's position change may end up paying the bigger dividends. When I reread my post on Gray late yesterday, it made me feel a little uncomfortable. I hope it doesn't come across as being negative. That certainly wasn't my intention. I just think the kid has a tough row to hoe, despite the depth issues. Which only makes me pull even harder for him.

In fact I think Gray and Samuel both are in very similar situations in that they are both gifted athletes who are very deserving of the scholarship they've been awarded. They just had good (if not great) competition at their respective positions that either warranted or necessitated a change.

Could Georgia coaches have diagnosed Samuel as a LB earlier? Probably. But with his combination of speed and size it's hard not to want him to succeed running the football. I hope Samuel makes his coaches kick themselves as hard as they did after redshirting Knowshon.

But what will it take for Samuel to see the field? He probably avoided a redshirt when Martinez's 4-3 left town. It seems very unlikely the Cass HS product won't be used this fall.

Currently, Samuel is behind Christian Robinson and Marcus Dowtin at the "Mo" position. However, with Akeem Dent missing all of August there will be plenty of reps for Samuel to progress. And even if he's still 3rd in line by September 4th, it's not like he's playing running back anymore. He'll see the field.

Take it from Coach Richt himself, who spoke of Samuel's impression so far on the defensive coaches:
They see potential. They don't think he's a polished guy yet. They know he's fast, he can move laterally, he'll strike you. He has no fear to hit someone.
Has no fear to hit someone. From what I've read, sounds like Grantham's type of player.

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AthensHomerDawg said...

Reading your post brings both AJ Bryant and Ramarccus Brown to mind. AJ ranked at one time by Rivals as the number 1 athlete and a four star to boot. Ramarccus a number 15 athlete and also a 4 star. They may have both come in at the same time. AJ stayed hurt his career and never really saw much of the field. Speedy Brown returned kickoffs and subbed at CB. Did either of these two great HS ballers live up to expectations? Brown may still be with San Diego. Point being is that the stud in HS may not transition,stay healthy, or has plateaued already when his college career starts. It really is a crap shoot sometimes picking the next Hines Ward, Robert Edwards, #34! I do remember that there was some talk from Papa Dooley about Walker playing....wait for it....LB! Maybe Samuel and Gray will follow in their footsteps and develop- achieving that college career "between the hedges" that we all wish for them.
just sayin'

MikeInValdosta said...

Personally, I am hoping for a Robert Edward's type of break out after switching sides of the ball.

I bet Coach Grantham will find situations where he can put Richard on the field and take advantage of his specific skill set without requiring him to "read" the offense to much.

Dude has the potential to be violent!