Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Some Updates and Links

Just some relatively minor housekeeping issues. Trying to straighten up before things really kick off in a month.

First off, I've added some additional information in the top left including the 2010 schedule and some information about the ads you may see here on the blog. And if you're really bored one day you can read about me and about the blog itself. Some of you may be fairly familiar with how things are run around here. For the rest of you it may help explain some things. Another addition are the AddThis buttons at the bottom of each post to make it easier to share certain posts through whatever means you find easiest.

Secondly, a follow up to last week's GATA Amp post. Patrick Garbin has added to his copious video collection one of the scoring drive in that 1978 classic. What's more is he adds a nice post around it as well to give those unfamiliar with the game and Amp's career a nice backdrop. As usual, a great read from Garbin.

As we all know I'm sure, fall camp commenced yesterday. The coaches and players were open to the media before and at the beginning of practice. Lots of great stuff to pore over this morning as a result. But don't omit Bulldawg Illustrated's Day One of Fall Camp. Tons of great audio, including a soundbyte from Ealey as to why he actually came to Georgia.

One of the big stories during fall camp will be Trinton Sturdivant's return, again. Weiszer updates us on how he's being phased in and has some great quotes from his coaches. I would really love to see this kid on the All-SEC lists at the end of the season.

Also...Fletcher's Day One Tidbits. The "New Guy's" update. Via the UGA at CU 2010 blog....FORE!!! Bradley went to the first practice and got trashed. And Exile has a riddle for you this morning.

Lastly, KanuDawg has exclusive footage of Bobby Johnson's last few moments at Vandy. I know we only knew Johnson four weeks and three days, but it seemed like nine weeks and five days. 

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