Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thursday Headers - Tackled to the Ground

Stir these into your coffee...or Red Bull...or beer. However you roll.
  • Carvell writes that Coach Fox has offered Miller Grove's Brandon Morris, a 6-7 small forward who's skills set is off the charts. Morris also has current offers from Clemson, Auburn, Georgia State and Nevada.
  • Clarkson brings us up to speed with Bacarri Rambo...or at least as close to we can get to Rambo speed.
  • PWD gives us a look at the new video that will charge up the crowd going into the 4th quarter. I give the highlights an A...the thanks.
  • Weiszer finds Grantham relatively unbothered by the injury situation at ILB.
  • Paschall looks at what life is going to be like on the road. I had forgotten that Josh Davis was from Mississippi.
  • Emerson runs down the competition for starting jobs at DawgPost
  • Exile has some scrimmage thoughts.
  • And my favorite morning read...Who taught you guys how to tackle the last five years? Coach Warren Belin ladies and gentleDawgs.


Mackie said...

Regarding the music of the 4th quarter video, it's easy to not like it while watching on a laptop. But if you imagine it blaring through the Sanford Stadium sound system and pumping the players up I think it'll be pretty badass.

Ollllddude said...

I'll say Bad Azz. I am like Bernie here - not personally a big fan of rap - but I will add that people the players ages seem to like it, and if it gets the players crunked up for the 4th quarter, then I am all for it. And compared to the orientation video UGA put together, it is an award winner, imo.

Anonymous said...

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