Wednesday, September 8, 2010


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He'll be cleared, soon. Chuck Oliver broke the story from what I can tell. I checked around some other sites last night that followed his lead. The consistent conclusion is that whatever punishment in terms of games will be time served. It apparently had to do with a jersey AJ sold to a third party. He evidently has made restitution and is ready to crush some souls in the Carolina secondary.

We all knew it was never about South Beach. But it just goes to show you how powerful words can be. That tmz entertainment conglomeration isn't in the sports biz. But they interrupted their coverage of millionaire whores to do a little whoring themselves, stating that AJ was also a guest at the party in Miami that had implicated the UNC players among others.

Evidently some pencil pusher in NCAA Compliance also logs onto tmz every now and again to catch pictures of Megan Fox's latest tattoo. So as a result AJ had to be investigated. Which leads me to my bigger point.

Because AJ had to answer investigators' questions as well as those from Coach Richt and the Butts Mehre brass, the truth about the jersey was certain to emerge. I'm sure they checked into his recently purchased insurance policy. Perhaps that lead to discovering an extra $1000. One false story lead to a dirty subplot. 

The fact that AJ Green is playing Saturday tells me he was honest and forthright with his coach first and the NCAA foremost. It tells me all I need to know to put this ridiculousness behind me. Words are indeed powerful tools that can be wielded as weapons. AJ chose the right ones to clear his name and make amends instead of wielding them on himself.

Dawg fans who've come to understand the person he is, expected nothing less.


Ally said...

Caution. As of 10am this morning AJ still hasn't been cleared which means his status for playing Saturday has not changed. Hopefully what Chuck Oliver blogged & tweeted is accurate, but as of this moment all confirmation w/ Butts-Mehre & Mr Tolley is of the contrary.

And as much as i want to believe your sequence of events - that an investigation & clearing after serving 1 game means AJ was forthcoming & honest-you have no factual information that backs that up Chris.

Let me be clear, i hope you're right, but we have zero facts right now that prove your case. In fact, if the accusation of selling an autographed jersey for $1000 is true, then "the person AJ is" is quite different than the version many of us have assumed. Let's not forget selling UGA merchandise is a SERIOUS offense and 1 of dishonesty & selfishness. He didn't just have a beer underage. He had to have made MANY calculated decisions to screw over his teammates, Coaches, & the UGA program. I will never take that lightly & quite frankly think a 1 game suspension is WAY too lenient.

You need to think about some what ifs before still heralding AJ's character & be honest about what's going on here. If AJ did sell that jersey, he didn't come forward for months. Months. If the ncaa would've stumbled upon this info after the season began or later, our entire program would've been subject to TOUGH sanctions including forfeiture of wins in games in which AJ played.

Before putting AJ back atop that pedestal, lets first gets some facts about what happened. And then lets be honest with ourselves about the fact that AJ could've seriously damaged our program. In fact, his actions most certainly have already damaged our reputation & Mark Richt's.

S FL Chapter of the Bulldog Nation said...

Pump your own brakes Ally!! Damn, every time I read one of your comments accompanied by that stupid pic of your zirconium ring it makes me want to take away your soap box you're standing on! Lighten up Francis!

Everyone knows that it's not a done deal until we get a definitive word from the Athletic Department. If there is someone close to the situation who can comment about it, it's probably Chuck Oliver.

So how about continue to read whatever you want, and if you think you have a better idea about what's going on....WRITE YOUR OWN BLOG!

There's really only a handful of people, not associated with the football team, who really know what's going on. If Chuck or Bernie want to write about what they’ve heard then guess what…they can!

If Bernie, who’s not in the minority, wants to give his opinion about the character of AJ Green as a person….THEN HE CAN! I’d say that the majority of people would say that they think AJ’s a stand up person… And that opinion is probably one that they’ve gathered from how AJ’s coaches and teammates speak of him, and how he’s handled himself since he’s been on campus.

By all accounts, AJ sold the jersey to supplement his father’s lack of income…and who’s to say it was the University’s property anyway??? What if it was AJ’s property??? No one really knows what’s going on so…..S.T.H.U!!!!

Yes, everyone’s eager to get a ruling and find out exactly what happened! Everyone, except USC, wants AJ to suit up this Sat! Yes, everyone may be jumping the gun a bit, but we’re hoping it’s true….GO DAWGS!!!!

Bernie said...

@Ally To clarify, my intent wasn't to put AJ up on the same pedastal I had him on. I agree that 1 game for what we're hearing sounds too soft. A post as to the damage this has done to a good kid's character is a post for another day.

My sequence of events is supposition, certainly. I expect it always will be. But I guess my main point is that I trust Coach Richt. If AJ is indeed cleared and he suits up Saturday, that's all I need from CMR.

genxdawg said...


Ally said...

I always love anonymous posters, don't you?

And to Mr Anonymous with a HUGE mouth, my gorgeous ring from my wonderful, adorable husband is 3 carats :) Jealousy is very unbecoming hon.

Btw, i LOVE LOVE LOVE that i get under your skin hon-you actually just made my day haha! :D I'll be sure to post more often! xoxo

And yeah, Bernie you know i love ya, but you did have AJ on a pedestal. I imagine now your opinion is quite different.