Wednesday, September 8, 2010


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He'll be cleared, soon. Chuck Oliver broke the story from what I can tell. I checked around some other sites last night that followed his lead. The consistent conclusion is that whatever punishment in terms of games will be time served. It apparently had to do with a jersey AJ sold to a third party. He evidently has made restitution and is ready to crush some souls in the Carolina secondary.

We all knew it was never about South Beach. But it just goes to show you how powerful words can be. That tmz entertainment conglomeration isn't in the sports biz. But they interrupted their coverage of millionaire whores to do a little whoring themselves, stating that AJ was also a guest at the party in Miami that had implicated the UNC players among others.

Evidently some pencil pusher in NCAA Compliance also logs onto tmz every now and again to catch pictures of Megan Fox's latest tattoo. So as a result AJ had to be investigated. Which leads me to my bigger point.

Because AJ had to answer investigators' questions as well as those from Coach Richt and the Butts Mehre brass, the truth about the jersey was certain to emerge. I'm sure they checked into his recently purchased insurance policy. Perhaps that lead to discovering an extra $1000. One false story lead to a dirty subplot. 

The fact that AJ Green is playing Saturday tells me he was honest and forthright with his coach first and the NCAA foremost. It tells me all I need to know to put this ridiculousness behind me. Words are indeed powerful tools that can be wielded as weapons. AJ chose the right ones to clear his name and make amends instead of wielding them on himself.

Dawg fans who've come to understand the person he is, expected nothing less.