Thursday, September 30, 2010

Another Tailgating Option in Boulder

In addition to the info posted by Cheri last week, she has come up with yet another option for those who find themselves wandering the streets of Boulder Saturday, thirsty...I just shudder at the thought of anyone getting to the game dehydrated.

Avery Brewing is open for business at 10AM Saturday. So if you're thirsty, they challenge your taste buds to try and keep up with their brew.

(BDB endorses responsible beer drinking, from glasses and everything)


Anonymous said...

The Avery IPA is fantastic. Possibly the best IPA that I have ever tasted. At least in Boulder, the Dawg fans shouldn't run out of beer like in AZ.

Bernie said...

Ugh, Tempe on a Fall Saturday is as bad as Main St USA during Prohibition.

Gordon Biersch bites.

fourboysbrewpub said...

Avery has very good beers indeed.