Friday, September 10, 2010

Carolina Preview - Get'N Cocky

I've had my doubts about this game. And now we have to throw the AJ Green suspension on top of it. But suddenly...if I'm that old dude on that ESPN day of the game show, I've got that wooden pencil in my hand and am about to shove it down Herbie's throat.

Not so fast dear Reader!

It's true, we played our best offense when AJ was out last year. Like ecdawg's reader pointed out, it's not that we're a better team when AJs benched...we just seem more focused. Our offense clicks more readily.

Why is that? Perhaps it starts with Coach Bobo's mindset and filters down to his playbook. But it also has something to do with the defense we're up against. They suddenly have more questions in their heads than answers. At least that's the way I see it.

Would I like Aaron Murray to have #8's hands to depend on in his first SEC road test? Sure. But getting Ealey back may be a bigger key.

All that being said, I think this game comes down to one thing: offensive line. Carolina's defense is stout. They're missing some pieces, but Ellis Johnson is always prepared and has them well coached. Our line is going to be stretched to their capacity, called on to be ready for a difficult challenge. And I think they'll be ready.

At least more so than the chickens. Our defense may have been going against a mediocre mid-major last week, but the key components were evident. They tackled, they hustled, the LBs covered midfield and the flats...they dictated the play. All that and I don't think Grantham's even begun to show his hand, yet.

In short, I don't think the Lamecocks are ready for Justin Houston. And they're certainly not ready for Coach Todd Grantham.

Dawgs 30
Fowl    13


AthensHomerDawg said...

Man oh man. I think your on to something.

Bernie said...

And it's not bourbon. At least not yet.

UGA NATION Blog said...

Hope you're right, would love to beat them by 17+ points!

Ally said...

You sold me too Bernie. I don't think this is gonna be a close one like years past.

Lamecocks gave up 400 yards to Southern Miss. And that was with Shaq Wilson playing. Alshon worries me a tad, but Wes Saunders is out thankfully.

Go Dawgs!

Dallas Dawg said...

I'll drink the (spiked) Kool Aid too! Seriously, I've been saying our offense should be twice as good as USMiss so we score 26 on the Cocks and our defense should be twice as good as USMiss so the Cocks score only 21 (rounding up) on us. Dawgs win 26-21.

Alan Ashley said...

Bernie, I hope you are right, but I still see one of those classic heart attack games. 21-20 Dawgs