Saturday, September 11, 2010

Couple Quick Thoughts...

I'm sick and disgusted just like you. I'll try and have some more cogent Sunday Thoughts in the morning.

But right off the bat, two things. I certainly underestimated the job Shawn Elliot has done with the Carolina offensive line. I thought they would play over their heads, but they were good. Not dominant by any stretch, but played solid.

Secondly, I underestimated that kid Lattimore. He did his share to make his line look good and we were not up to the challenge of stopping him. My gut tells me Spurrier kept just enough under wraps with this kid against Southern Miss to keep us off balance. At least in the first half. And give the freshman credit; in the waning moments when his team needed him and a few yards, he was no chicken little.

Not looking forward to the rewatch. But when I do I'll be looking for these things:
  • why Nick Williams didn't factor more into the safety rotation
  • how many yards Ealey missed by succumbing to first contact
  • offensive play-calling; how much does Bobo trust Aaron Murray thus far...??
If you were at the game, at least you have plenty of time to get outta Hell. And if you're at home, at least you have time to digest this loss before bed so you don't wake up with that complete feeling of despondency.


fourboysbrewpub said...

Hard to win a tackle football game when you don't tackle correctly.

Ally said...

Every year we ask "How much does Bobo trust (fill in the blank)"

Watching the game live it looks to me like Bobo doesn't trust himself and handcuffed Murray. Richt admitted that in his post-game comments. Bobo is just beyond conservative & predictable. It's just a joke. He has no business being the OC for an SEC team like UGA.

The other question we have to start asking is when is Searles going to become the all-world Oline Coach he was before coming to UGA? He has no more excuses & got a pass last yr bc the running game finally clicked. This year we have the most talent & seniority in the country. The last 2 weeks' performance has been mediocre at best. At times even dumbfounding.

And once again conditioning is an issue. Good. God.

We looked soft, mentally & physically on both sides of the ball.

I'll wait for the anonymous President of the non-existant Bulldog Club to trash me now :)

Great post Bernie & Go Dawgs!

Anonymous said...

The play calling was pretty good to me.when they tried different sets our offense didn't know the play but i kinda like the calls the 3rd quarter..coaches need to teach more to me.and the safeties was small/weak looking to me too.corners probably won't have that problem again this year with having to defend tall receivers.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Your 100% right! Thanks for explaining it. I thought the problem was something more serious like this highly touted, experienced offensive line that to some are considered the "best" in the nation is really "bogus hype" and in reality "they suck" or that Grantham's 3-4 defense was more like a Shanaya Twain song,"it don't impressa me much".

AthensHomerDawg said...

What's Chapas status?

namaman said...

We just have to wrap up on that first (or at least 2nd) hit we put on the ball carrier. Our D appeared to be in the right spot most of the day, but they didn't make the tackles. I know it can happen once and a while, but it cannot continue like it did yesterday.

Our pass rush seemed good too. t Houston was great coming off the end, and the sack Dent got was a nice bull rush. The one big pass they completed looked like Rambo should have broken it up. He just backed off from the contact. That is not what a GA safety should do. Start to channel Thomas Davis or Greg Blue for goodness sake!

Bernie said...

@AthensHomerDawg I asked Weiszer about Chapas and he was hoping to get an update on him at CMRs 5:30 teleconference.

Bernie said...

The news on Chapas doesn't sound good, according to Weiszer.

AthensHomerDawg said...

thanks for effort!
Damn .... just damn!