Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fixable Issues

I'm still not digesting either loss very well. And 1-2, 0-2 should never have a good taste to it. But the truth is that we're really not that far off from where we expected to be. When I type that I have our overall progress in mind. A couple plays here or there the last two weeks and we're singing a different tune. Six of one, hindsight and all that.

Still, there's some serious issues. But nothing glaringly tragic.
  1. Rushing offense, part one.We're 85th in the nation running the football. We average 3.69 yards an attempt. Somehow this much ballyhooed offensive line has to get dirty. Clean jerseys get you 3.69 yards. Dirty ones get you 6+.
  2. Rushing offense, part two. King and Chap have been sorely missed. King especially since he adds depth and much needed versatility to the backfield. As good as Ealey is, we need King to complete the tandem.
  3. Kickoff coverage. Fabris is long gone and I seem to be holding my breath even harder and longer now whenever Walsh tees it up. From what I can tell, speed is not the issue. It's the assignments that are breaking down. This must improve if we are to start winning field position, which is crucial when your QBs a freshman and AJ Green is back in Athens.
  4. Defensive progress. I'm not surprised (no one truly should be) at some of the struggles we've had defensively. The good news is that we took a step forward from Carolina. The best news might be that we've got two of the best offenses on our schedule in the rearview mirror. All in all, 39th in the nation in scoring defense at this point of the transition to the 3-4 is pretty darn good.
  5. Team identity. 0-2 is bad for team morale, certainly. Lose in Starkvegas and we're at the point where everyone's already looking at next year before the leaves even think about turning. The leaders of this team need to grab the reins and let the others follow suit.
Come to think of it, the rushing offense is as close to tragic as you can get. I'm running out of adjectives for befuddlement. But at any rate, those are the big issues I see. Fix 1-3, continue with 4...and 5 will fall in place. Then we can get on a pretty good run the next month before the WLOCP.

What'd I miss?


AthensHomerDawg said...

Accurate post imho. I have been real concerned about losing Chapas since it was reported, but had hoped Mun could pick up the slack. I have no idea why our O line has become so unproductive. It just doesn't add up somehow.

Bernie said...

Yes, and that's the one issue that must be resolved immediately. Cuz if you start running the ball effectively, suddenly I think we're playing with the lead more. And it's a lot easier to play football with the lead. It's easier to call offensive plays, and it's especially easier to play defense.

Anonymous said...

If I could choose anything to improve significantly, I would choose the rushing offense. I think if Bobo goes out of his way to establish the run like he did last year after the UT disaster starting with the Vandy game, I think we can kill a few extra birds with one stone.

Anonymous said...

I actually thought that the offensive line did a much better job of run blocking in the Arkansas game. From what I see, Ealey and King need to step it up from here. Against both South Carolina and Arkansas it was rare to see Ealey get much, if any, yards after contact. How many of Lattimore's yards were after contact? Watching Alabama, do you see how much Richardson and Ingram punish the defensive players and get extra yards, make moves on people, etc. Ealey and King don't have to be Heisman caliber, but they need to be better at getting more than what the O line gives them. That would open up things considerably for the offense. So, for me, I'm hoping that Ealey and King do a better job of running the football against a front seven for MSU that is at least as good if not better than the one we faced last week.

Anonymous said...

I thought in the 4th quarter the run blocking looked OK and hopefully they can build on that.

Injuries have really hurt Georgia in the past 2 games both in the running game and in the defensive secondary. I think Caleb King and Shaun Chapas being at full strength will change the running game in a positive way. Washaun Ealey appears to run very low to the ground in comparison to Caleb King and it makes me wonder if it makes it tougher for him to block. Not really an execuse just an observations.

Marcus Lattimore and the Bama Backs

I don't think you can fairly compare Marcus Lattimore or the two Bama backs for that matter to any of the Georgia backs. Lattimore is a "once every 30 years" type back. He is easily the best back they have had since George Rogers and I think by the time he leaves he will be seen as better. I also think Trent Richardson is probably the most physically gifted Alabama back in their school's history. I can't wait to next year to watch him by the number so we can fully see his potential. His ability to break tackles is unreal and his ability to get an extra 2 or 3 yards at the end of almost every run is astounding. With that being said, Georgia MUST sign Isaiah Crowell out of Columbus. I saw him on ESPN last week against LaGrange. HE is a BEAST!

I would like to point to an
yone who is critizing the defense that in 2007 Nick Saban finished 6-6(plus an Independence Bowl Victory over Colorado) in the same year that he was installing the very same 3-4 defense that Todd Grantham is installing this past spring and currently this fall. The number of Bama stars that had not arrived yet was considerable including nose tackle Terence Cody. In the same year, Bama improved their rush Defense which Georgia has showns signs in the positive direction. Just be patience, Bulldog Nation. They will get there in due time.