Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Focusing on PRACTICE Jerseys

AJ Green is gone for four games, pending appeal. I guess I shouldn't be stunned that Chuck Oliver's source inside Butts-Mehre is actually a crack dealer on Ponce. I'm still a little surprised by the ruling, but it is the NCAA we're talking about. However, neither touches my disappointment in AJ.

But for now, Coach Mark Richt:
Certainly I’m disappointed with the outcome. However, we have games to play, and that’s where our focus needs to be in the coming days and weeks. Other players will have to step forward and I’m confident they will do that.
Go Dawgs! 


Ally said...

Did you see Chuck Oliver's tweets after the sentence came in? LOL, what a joke this guy is. He states (a complete lie btw) that AJ's suspension was "increased" bc he sold it to an agent. Everytime he gets busted on reporting a false rumor he's always so quick to cover his own ass rather than admit he doesn't know jack.

AJ's sentence wasn't increased & he didn't sell the jersey to an agent. According to Schlabach, AJ sold the Jersey to a Collector that sells collegiate merchandise. That Collector has a connection with an Agent. But that's only part of the reason he got 4 games. Lying to the ncaa earned him the Martha Stewart treatment. Deservedly so. Just damn.

Not sure how much more UGA fans can take. Between the arrests, Damon Evans scandal & now this... When are players just gonna be grateful for their opportunity, their $80K yearly scholarship?

AthensHomerDawg said...

I posted this once before and I guess I'll post it again.

Next time you hear of a "values-preaching" coach giving a "bad" kid a second or third chance after screwing up... remind yourself that some of these athletes are just now facing demands for self-discipline that you mastered in grammar school.