Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gotta Have that Funk

All this time we've been worried about tackling, bump and run coverage, one gap technique...and the real issue is how funky our defense is. But really, MSU center J.C. Brignone puts it best as he and his linemates prepare for their first taste of the 3-4 scheme.
Our defense runs a lot more funky stuff than they do, but they play more of a base three front. Like I said, it's us coming out and executing and knowing what's going on. If they get in a three front, we know what to do. If they four front, we know what to do. But we need to go out and execute it.
Meanwhile, on the other side of the ball MSU's defense is led by Manny Diaz. Diaz is in his first year in Starkville and likes to bring his own funk. However, the results have been sub-par so far this season, at least in his eyes.
Manny Diaz dials up pressure from all three levels of his defense, hoping to create confusion and force opposing quarterbacks into mistakes. So far, the Bulldogs have created five turnovers, which is below expectations for Diaz and his players.
Through three games, the maroon Bulldogs have yet to allow a passer to go for more than 200 yards, which is right at what Georgia's Murray is averaging.

Aaron Murray*

But it seems Diaz has more respect for Murray than Auburn's Newton and LSUs Jefferson.
"This is different -- the ball's going to be in the air. Murray can put it anywhere and throw the ball confidently. If I'm not mistaken, on the final drive before the game-winning drive this past weekend, (Georgia) had more total yards than Arkansas did with (Quarterback Ryan) Mallett and all those weapons they have on offense. That's with a redshirt freshman quarterback. Even without their star wide receiver on offense, they're making hay on offense."
I don't know if we're making hay yet. But I get where Diaz is coming from on Murray. Meanwhile, Grantham is preparing for two quarterbacks in an option attack.
"They’re a little bit different style in the sense that systematically they’re a little bit different. This team is running more option stuff and doing things where you have to account for the quarterback in the run game. Whereas Arkansas was a little different there. They were doing runs but you didn’t really account for the quarterback, and then passing-wise they were different. There is a little more play-action pass with these guys than with Arkansas. A little bit different style offense."
So which o-line can handle the funk best? If we can manage it I like our chances with Murray, especially with King coming back. 

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