Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Hotline to a Warm Seat

I surprised myself last night and listened to the call-in show. It was surprisingly cathartic. Am I still pissed and looking for drywall that has yet to be punched? In a word, yes. I think I'm somewhere between depression and acceptance. Listening in on Scott and Coach Richt didn't push me over the edge...in either direction.

Jim was quick in getting the transcript up, at least he's in mid-season form. Here's the important part for me:
Lance in Uvaldo thinks FSU players in the 1990s and UGA players in the early 2000s really went out and played heart. If a player doesn’t have his heart in it .. it’s got to start there. Maybe we just don’t have the intensity level we did in years past.
CMR said we do need to play harder. We’re playing hard, but are we playing as hard as we possibly can? Football is a game of momentum. You’d like to have everyone playing their hardest every minute of every game. It’s like in the Arkansas game in the fourth quarter? Bottom line is we need to make plays that will generate that enthusiasm level that will take everyone beyond where they thought they could get. 
I didn't see any heart Saturday. I still maintain that Coach Richt isn't going anywhere anytime soon. But if we are going to make the remains of this season something north of depressing, it starts with getting our players to play with Bulldog Pride. This isn't CMRs only challenge, but it's a big one.

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Ollllddude said...

Heart? Sometimes. Trouble is, sometimes is not enough in a game that lasts for 60 minutes. Richt is absolutely responsible, and I am very disappointed, but replacing him without a plan and a clear choice that will accept is just asking for trouble. Gene Stallings years aside, Bama wandered in the desert for years looking for the promised land. They may have found it now, but my point is that frantic coaching searches tend to be disasters even at top programs.

Mike Leach is probably available. Damn good coach. But do you really want him running the program?