Saturday, September 25, 2010

Important Boulder Tailgating Info

A week from today I'll be hunkering down in Boulder Colorado. As Exile likes to say, I'll be the loud one wearing red. If you're going too, Cheri has posted some important tailgating information whichever of the three categories you fall under: have tailgating tickets, are on the waiting list for tailgating tickets, or looking for option C.

The bottomline is, if you purchased tickets to the tailgate you're set. And if you're on the waiting list it sounds like there's a chance you may get in. Lastly, if you're like me there's a third option: The Millenium Harvest House Boulder. 

Cheri also asks that you not call to see if they plan on expanding the number of people allowed into the tailgate area. Evidently, Colorado officials don't like the idea of more than 3000 Georgia fans in one area together.

Wait 'til kickoff Buffs. Wait til kickoff.

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Anonymous said...

Go to Boulder? Really? I'm sure there will be plenty of room now. For the first time since CMR has been there, this really feels like a Goff team. And that really makes me sad.