Thursday, September 23, 2010

Injury Updates

  • Bean Anderson will undergo surgery on his turf toe. That will end his season, unfortunately. According to Weiszer, he will not be able to apply for a medical redshirt. Next year will be Anderson's last year of eligibility.
  • Branden Smith was symptom free and cleared by Courson to play.
  • Chapas still appears questionable with a sprained ankle.
  • Chris Davis is likely and may even start.
  • Caleb seems 100%.
It's hard to tell exactly how much Anderson's injury hurts. We haven't played much in the base 3-4 where he seemed a good fit. Kwame has been a little better each game and should push Tyson pretty well. Let's hope Abry Jones grows up quick.

One a class move, Ben Jones gave his captain status to Josh Davis for his return trip to his home state. The other captains are Durham, Dent and Dobbs.



AthensHomerDawg said...

Well there you have it. Losing Chapas for the first three SEC games sucks more than we can measure. Wonder if it was a high ankle sprain. It would be nice to ease him back in at Colorado. He will need some reps. I hate it for that kid as he has worked so hard. It would have been nice to see Bean make the field, we missed him-wonder if he will see any practice time at all post surgery. D is a work is progress as you've so often said. How quickly we replace the 4-3 D players with the type of players the new D needs starts with this 2011 class. O line has went backwards imho. Bobo might be coaching to what he has available or what he feels secure in. Offense is such a mystery to me. What I thought was a solid strength for the Dawgs has not exactly been steady. They better turn Murray loose. I fear their attempts at shielding him are just gonna get him hurt. I see that we are neck and neck with the pretend Bulldogs on paper. I think we just will ourselves into the victory lane in this game. Pride will rule the day. How mentally tough we are will will be plain for all to see come Sunday morning.

Ally said...

AthensHomerDawg - Best comment on the blogosphere today. Not much you can add to that.

Ben Jones became a fave Dawg for me when we started recruiting him. Gnawing on crickets & the turf at Yech last year lifted him to legendary status in my book. But handing over his Captain status to Josh elevates him to an even higher level. What an incredible guy! Damn. Good. DAWG!!

AthensHomerDawg said...

Thanx. I got a feeling that Benjamin could teach a class on character and determination.
just sayin'