Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Lamecock Update...

In his weekly news conference, the Visor intimated that he would have DB Chris Culliver back from NCAA Limbo in time for Saturday's game against the Dawgs. Culliver sat out Thursday night's opener against Southern Miss do to an NCAA investigation, one separate from WhitneyGate.

While this could mean that AJ Green's status should also be known soon, it is likely unwise to make assumptions when it comes to NCAA compliance due diligence.

Culliver recently moved from free safety to cornerback for his senior season. His experience against Aaron Murray's targets would be welcome news to all chicken farmers.

In other garnet and black headlines, Spurrier also opened up the possibility that his defense's quarterback, Shaq Wilson may miss the entire season. Wilson sat out Thursday's game with a pulled hamstring. So the injury may be deeper than originally believed. 

Why is that important? Because Wilson is exactly the type of player that would not be easily fooled by Murray's play action. Wilson's replacements on the other hand are...
Tony Straughter and Quin Smith were fine there Thursday against Southern Miss -- Straughter even picked up, and returned, a fumble -- but you don't get to play Southern Miss all season.

Physically, there might not be an incredible dropoff from Wilson to, say, Straughter. But mentally it's not even close. Wilson knows every little facet of Johnson's scheme - and he's seen most SEC offenses by now.
That's all for now. I'm off to fax the NCAA...again. 

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Ally said...

So either AJ allegedly sold some UGA stuff including his jersey from the Independence Bowl (no, i'm not joking) or the hold up is about the funds used to purchase the big insurance policy he purchased over the summer. That's the latest rumor du jour.

Either way, guess we'll see soon. Hoping this is all just a big mistake. I'll be surprised if such an incredibly grounded & smart kid did something so colossally stupid.