Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Locker Notes - Louisiana Lafayette

I think the question for the tailgate vlawg this week will be what makes a cajun ragin'? But until then, it's time for the 2010 season's first round of Locker Notes!

  • Coach Grantham - That's what gets you to 8-5. My man crush just swoll up in spite of itself. I'm sure we'll see a lot of nickel sets and little of the 3-4 base, but that's ok. I'm sure the intensity will be the same. 
  • Trinton Sturdivant - Easy on the pancakes this first time out big guy. Let's make this a season long buffet.
  • Caleb King - last season I had doubts about your potential. I spent the off season replacing those with high expectations. Thanks for making me a believer.
  • Justin Houston - Too much cajun could cause indigestion. Save some room for chicken.
  • Aaron Murray - Just play your game dude. If we make you nervous, just picture us in our underwear. That'll be a bigger stretch for some as opposed to others...
  • AD McGarity - Enjoy the new seat. We're glad you're here.
  • Logan Gray - Show everybody how quickly you catch on.
  • Blair Walsh - I'm sure you'll enjoy kick'n it without a leash on.
  • Coach Richt - Thanks Coach. Have fun out there.
Those are mine. You remember how this works...what are yours?

1 comment:

Hunker Down said...

Can the rest of us imagine the fairer members of the crowd in their underwear? Like we don't already. Ha!

I'm with you regarding Caleb. He showed a ton of courage coming back from the broken jaw. I hope he starts right where he left off.