Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Locker Notes - Tastes Like Chicken!

If there's a word for low functioning genetics, it sprung out of Chickumbia.
  • AJ Green - Now that the NCAA has found the napkin that they wrote Butts Mehre's phone number on, I fear for the hapless poultry that is charged with covering you. 
  • Aaron Murray - If Timmy Tebow can get sent to the hospital on a stretcher by a KenYucky LB, a chicken can easily do you great bodily harm. Eat the ball when necessary and live to play another down.
  • Derek Owens - It was nice to see your swagger firsthand. It should look even better in your first road trip.
  • Drew Butler - Still trying to figure out how you could possibly have gotten better in the off season. But it's one mystery I don't mind. Especially heading into this historically difficult matchup.
  • Ben Jones - I'd rather have him yelling at me than my mother. Just imagine Coach Searels in one ear and Momma in the other.
  • Kiante Tripp - Saw you Saturday. There's holes in this garnet and black offensive line too. GATA!
  • Jakar Hamilton - Every Saturday is bittersweet, and yet you still provide us with highlights. Amazing.
Also, for an interesting story on the truth behind Gamecock's fandom and season ticket sales, check out ecdawg's story on being in exclusive feathers. Other than that, feel free to add your own below. Here's a sharpie...

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BulldogBry said...

Ah, locker notes. My favorite BDB segement.

Washaun, CMR really called you out, didn't he? And though it wasn't public, Spurrier said you can't spell "another silly suspended license" without 'Ealey'. What are you gonna do about it?