Thursday, September 16, 2010

Looking Forward

I thought Vance Leavy did a great job of putting things in perspective as we near the next gameday. We all did our ranting and raving, and we still hurt. Losing to a chicken is never easy on the stomach. Luckily we haven't had to face that digestive failure many times, but that hasn't made it any easier this week.

Still, I agree with Vance that we owe it to our team and ourselves to move forward. So I found comfort in his Editor's Note. Maybe you will too.

Another person who's digested the loss rather well (or at least completely) is PWD. He labels them Random Thoughts, but I think you will find them structurally sound and well thought out. 

And while we are getting ready for gameday, this preview of the matchup with the Hogs over at Saturday Down South about covers it.
While [Broderick] Green isn’t the talent that Lattimore is, they have very similar size and running styles.  If Green can get 20-25 carries, it will make [Arkansas'] passing game even more dangerous.  Green will also need to improve on his opportunities, while he leads the offense in rushing attempts , he is third in yards gained.

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