Friday, September 24, 2010

Missy State Preview

If you're heading to Starkvegas, take some advice that may save you an uncomfortable moment along Highway 82 with a raging, full bladder with no end to the dark, somewhat paved road ahead of you.

Use Davis Wade's indoor plumbing. God blessed them for a reason.

Like so many games, this one comes down to what happens in the trenches. Both programs admit to less than stellar offensive line play leading up to tomorrow night's contest. For a pretty good assessment of MSUs troubles in that area, check this post out from cowbell beat writer Brandon Marcello. Here's the rub:
Protection has broken down, blitzes have not been picked up and, most importantly, there’s been a communication breakdown. The result has been seven interceptions and zero touchdowns during the last two games by State’s quarterbacks.
It's difficult to feel completely confident about our line's play heading into such a pivotal game (sidenote - can we dispense with the must-win descriptions? No one's losing their job Monday and bowl invitations aren't going out on Tuesday. Like Streit says, must-win is over-played.). But I like the fact that we're getting Chris Davis back for Searels' rotation. And I like our QB over their rotation.

Juggling quarterbacks is a delicate business. And Coach Mullen's not exactly tossing fifty dollar bills into the huddle. It's been more like flipping a quarter and calling for a kid's head.

So to sum up, I expect to see some sacks on both sides. The defenses will be the equalizers on the field tomorrow night. However, the balance will shift to the purebreds (h/t Dawgcast) on the arm of Aaron Murray and the dreams of Missy State's first SEC win are flushed by Kris Durham.

Dawgs   20

mutts  10

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