Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday's Meatloaf - Stark Raving Mad

The (crap) hit the fan Saturday night. And when that happens the once proud and united Dawg Nation gets divided into factions. Some want heads to roll, NOW! Some are willing to keep personnel matters on the backburner. Some have never experienced this level of dysfunction. The rest of us have been down this road before.

But this is the first time we've been 1-3 during the social media age, so everyone feels it necessary to share their opinion. (Yes, as a blogger that is me the pot calling you the kettle black...whatevs) I've read both ends of the spectrum and everything in between. Y'all don't worry, Richt's got this thing handled. Go Dawgs! Richt couldn't coach his way outta a wet paper bag. Go Dawgs! (last example cleaned up a bit so as not to offend my younger clickers) 

The truth, as is often the case, is somewhere in the middle. He most definitely does not have this thing handled. Otherwise our line of scrimmage wouldn't have gotten manhandled by Missifrick'n State. Yet he's proven he can coach, and bears the rings to prove it. The reality is as fans we must resist the temptation to fall in the rut many fans are trying to pull us in. They see 1-3 and wanna treat it like 2-10. For them the leaves have already fallen and the Salvation Army is already stationed outside of Wal-Mart.

There's a time and place for everything. We have certain rights as fans. We pay for those seats in Sanford, we suffered through Ray Goff. We skipped our share of Friday morning classes and we paid our dues in downtown bars. We walked abreast of the Arches in hopes of one day having the privilege of walking through them.

We can (and should) be mad. If things are bright and rosy in your Dawg morning Reader, your prescription of happy pills may soon need a refill. Yet, if you think it's your right to mandate change and spout off at the piehole...well, just remember one thing: while you're blowing your hot air, there's football left to play. So as you spread your vile Christmas Cheer in the waning days of September, the players are getting ready for the next challenge.

Things are not bright and rosy in my morning. But when the weather's less than fair is when my team needs my bark the most. How 'bout you?

Today's Ingredients
  • Groo is offering triage, but wonders how much first aid can help.
  • Meanwhile, in Quinton's eyes, we need a prescription from AD McGarity because the diagnosis is in.
  • Given our offensive woes, I do have a silver lining of hope to offer. Since the air's thinner in Boulder, we should be in Blair Walsh's range most of the night Saturday.
  • Demetre Baker is no longer with the team after his arrest Sunday morning.
  • Here's what they're saying back in Starkville. Pretty fair analysis. But I still maintain that hit on Ealey was more than a game changer. It was illegal.
  • Streit, like many of us, finds himself much closer to the edge.
  • The mess Saturday night left The Senator wonderin'... 
  • Exile thinks it could be worse for Dawg fans. We could be recovering from a home loss to UCLA.
  • Murray Poole hopes the self-inflicted wounds don't find their way into the travel luggage this week.
  • Over at the DawgPost, Dean Legge adds his thoughts ($$) on a new low while Chad Simmons' updates us on the 2011 recruits' reactions ($$).
  • McGinty's coming to grips 
  • Verron Haynes will always be remembered for that one play. But recently I've thoroughly enjoyed following him on Twitter. He's engaging and eternally positive. So I was thrilled when Jennifer from La Jolla shared her interview with him. It provides a picture of a tremendous man, great father...and a Damn Good Dawg!
  • For those already looking forward to basketball season (yep, that's about everyone...), DaugMan is glad we got Georgia's Mr. Basketball. But also wishes we had nabbed Polee.
  • Lastly, with our bowl hopes clinging to a thread right now, Erica sends this nugget in just in time. You can register to win the Ultimate Bowl Tour once a day through November 15th. 5 games, 9 days, 1 winner. Maybe it's you!
I mentioned yesterday that one of the more disturbing things to me Saturday was the lack of leadership. I'm pretty sure Kris Durham wanted a win. And I'm definitely sure Aaron Murray did. But we should be seeing it all over the place in times like this. Have the players had a come to Jesus meeting yet? You know, the one where Chapas shuts the door in Coach Richt's face and says, It's ok Coach...I got this one.

Believe you me, I'm putting my money where my keyboard is. I'm down, despondent. I ran out of corners to curl up and cry in yesterday. I need words of reason. I knew listening to the Dawgcast last night wasn't going to make me feel better about a loss to Missifrick'n State, but I was thrilled Derek and ol' Dawg didn't let it turn into their Thanksgiving show.

In my current state I can't tell if up is down or if right is wrong, but I know reasoned realism when I see and hear it. So for your words Rex, I thank you. I wasn't on the ledge like some fans, but my head does hurt from constructing that hole in the wall next to my television set.

I also look to my own parents. It's a good time for a break. A break in SEC play will be nice. A trip to Boulder is just what the doctor ordered. I don't need a new coach right now, I need fresh thin air and cold beer from an endless Rocky Mountain stream.

Unless of course Mom doesn't make it through customs tomorrow night. Then I'm heading to England for two weeks with Dad. I can hunker down with a few pints there, pass the chips ya bloke! 

As for you, here's your napkin Reader. Don't fumble it at the goalline.



5thYearSoph said...

How 'bout me? It's raining with no end in sight. But I'm ready to bark as much as ever.

Gov Milledge said...

Well put Bernie. I like how you phrased our rights as fans, yet tempered that the ceiling (and the leaves) haven't completely fallen on our season.

Here's to a Rocky Mountain rebound

Anonymous said...

Let's get to Boulder and show the world we aren't Tenneesee fans.

I'll be the loud one wearing red.

Go Dawgs.

AthensHomerDawg said...

"Now remember, when things look bad and it looks like you're not gonna make it, then you gotta get mean. I mean plumb, MAD-DOG MEAN!. 'Cause if you lose your head and you give up then you neither live nor win. That's just the way it is."