Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Popping the Clutch

The offense has sputtered to a near halt. So it's time to start anew, and get this thing in gear. Can it happen in Boulder Colorado? We'll find out Saturday evening when the Dawgs meet the Buffaloes at Folsom Field. And getting #8 back can certainly provide the pop! to get this red and black engine motoring again.

This is AJ Green's third season in Athens. He intimated yesterday that it may not be his last. We'll see; it's a long way until January. But if it is his last season here as expected, he will leave UGA having never played a full one - nagging injuries in '08 and '09, then shelved with an illegal jersey for four games this season.

But he's the type of player that can open things up for himself, his quarterback and his fellow pass catchers. No one should be happier for AJs return than Orson Charles and Aron White. Well, maybe they do take a space in line behind Aaron Murray.

Another thing that may help pop the clutch to Bobo's offense...the Colorado defense. The Buffaloes are stingy with rushing yards, giving up just 71 yards per game (2nd in Big 12, 7th nationally). But they are giving up 241 passing yards a game (10th in Big 12, 87th nationally) as well as 22.7 points per game (9th Big 12, 59th nationally). 

Additionally, this is one of the smaller fronts (ref: CUBuffs depth/grouping chart) we'll see. They're biggest lineman is Will Pericak (#83) at 6-4, 280. After him there's a steep dropoff in size and production among the defensive line. BJ Beatty (#59) appears to be their biggest pass rushing and play making threat with 2.5 sacks, 9 total tackles and 5.5 TFLs. In the secondary, Anthony Perkins (#46) leads the team in tackles with 24 (14 solo) and 2 takeaways, an INT and a fumble recovery.

And if Carlton Thomas does indeed get the start, let's hope there's space out in the flats with safeties extra conscious of a #8 deep threat. PWDs belly button rule in full effect. Thomas and King both are best equipped on the edge. I'd also like to see Branden Smith stretch this defense to the sidelines with his speed on a reverse or two.

Before you know it we might even get to third gear for the first time since Labor Day weekend.

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