Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday Ragin' Thoughts

Seeing AJ Green in shorts on the sideline made me sick to my stomach. So my first thought is to roll TMZ up with NCAA compliance and burn em both to the ground. Burn em like the defensive backs that AJ runs by and jumps over. Burn em.

That's one thought, here's a few more:
  • Aaron Murray had a great redshirt freshman season opener. That may be the fairest way to put it. His mistakes were fixable and he made some plays with the arm and his feet.
  • The defense played with intensity the entire game. It was like our D suddenly enjoyed playing again. Practically flawless against a lesser opponent. Acted as if each series desperately needed to be a three and out.
  • Ultimately, the defense played as if everyone is still fighting for playing time. My God! What a wonderful thing.
  • The only part that was lacking was the running game. Ealey woulda helped. Hope he has a very mundane week. And comes hungry for some chicken.
  • I was wrong yesterday about AJ playing, was right about Hutson...and shoulda been right about the punt block. How did they miss it?
  • Lastly, great game for Kris Durham. Great to see him back on the field.
I'm exhausted. That's all I got for now. Feel free to pick up what I missed in the comments.


P44Haynes said...

I have to admit, I did log on to the NCAA website and try to find a phone # I could call to file a complaint.

Bernie said...

The National Collegiate Athletic Association
700 W. Washington Street
P.O. Box 6222
Indianapolis, Indiana 46206-6222

Phone: 317/917-6222
Fax: 317/917-6888

Anyone surprised they don't have email? You know, here in the 21st century.

5thYearSoph said...

Great to see some young kids like TJ Stripling out there too making plays. He wouldn't have seen the field in the opener in years before.

Also noticed Zander playing. Thought he would be heading for a redshirt. Being in Sanford yesterday just had the feel of a new era completely.


AthensHomerDawg said...

Good to see the young guys getting in. Thought Gray had a knack for getting open. I think he should have caught that long pass. Sanders Cummings had an impressive snatch and run.

Ollllddude said...

Met a guy Sunday who is a UGA fan of about my vintage (hint: not that many wines are older than us) and he was telling me that he heard that the AJ business had more to do with him maybe selling a jersey on e-bay than with the party in Miami. I am a little reluctant to post this because I have no substantiation, but wondered if anyone else had heard that.

Bernie said...

Yeh, I've heard that too. Something about his Shreveport bowl jersey.

Whatever the ncaa is dragging their feet on, just wish they'd do something or get off the pot. As my grandmother would say.

I find it all incredibly frustrating.