Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday's Thoughts From the Chicken Coop

Let's start with what was good:
  • First and foremost, Aaron Murray. First road game, played with poise and confidence. The only thing holding him back were his own coaches.
  • Pass protection was very good. Murray had time to throw and a good pocket to move around in. Carolina registered 5 sacks, but from my recollection they were due to pass coverage and Murray not quite being able to scramble away.
  • Justin Houston. Kid has a knack for turning backfields into train wrecks within a second of the ball being snapped.
Now what was painfully bad:
  • First and foremost, the coaching. Grantham's adjustments almost made my list of good, but that would do a disservice to not being prepared to stop Carolina's running attack. Bobo will look back on this game and realize he waited one game too late to trust his heralded QB. Which is a shame, cuz I thought we all saw plenty in the opener. And Richt just didn't have his team ready. When you turn over play calling duties and hire someone to run the defensive side, that's your main job. And the team played the entire game as if they were Bambi in the middle of I-285 rush hour. Take for instance...
  • Bacarri Rambo. I know I was watching on tv, but that deep ball looked as if he could have at worst separated it from Jeffery, at best intercepted it. And while I did see him make some tackles at the line of scrimmage, that one play (or lack there of) is a microcosm of his day.
  • Penalties. First one didn't come until the 3rd quarter, and we only totaled 4 for 25 yards. So they should be listed among the good. BUT, the ones we got were costly. Especially Troupe's (I think it was Troupe) down near the goalline before Ealey fumbled.
  • Run blocking. We're supposed to have the most experienced and deepest offensive lines in the country. but if you can't open up lanes and push defenders off the doesn't matter how well you pass protect. You're still going to lose the game.
  • Running the ball. Admittedly, losing King and Chapas hurt. But on the first drive Ealey was running with purpose. After that he seemed to go down at first contact.

There's more there. But that's all I can stand to type. To sum up, burning all three TOs in the 3rd quarter erased any chance of coming back. And really symbolized the whole game for me. If the coaches aren't ready, even a more talented, deeper team can lose at the gates of Hell.


Sports Dawg said...

What is it with Georgia and poor tackling fundamentals? For a while in the first half I thought Willie Martinez had slipped back in town. Go figure...

namaman said...

I have to agree about the poor tackling, but I just finished actually watching the game and still find it hard to believe we lost it... We had plenty of chances. I still think there we a few key drops on passes that could have made a big difference. I am encouraged by the way Murray played overall and I too think the sacks were more of the coverage variety - especially when 2 of them came at the end of the game when he was just trying to make something happen down field. He had plenty of time to pass, but was not given the "green light" by Bobo until too late in the game. He is ready to throw it and can do it. We just need to hope Grantham gets the D ready to stick those tackles against Arkansas this week...