Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday's Thoughts on the Pig's Pickin

Yet another reason to hate Bobby $%&! Petrino...
  • Getting the ball back with just over two minutes left, there's only one person in the stadium that thought Arkansas was gonna win. And he was wearing their headset. We had everything going our way. Only needed about 20 yards to get in Walsh's range. The crowd was juiced.
  • But instead we got back to our very, very poor blocking that has plagued us since Lafayette left town. In fact, it's clear to me that the only thing holding Aaron Murray back from being All-SEC this season is his own protection. 
  • And that starts with Ealey. He's a great ball carrier, but we desperately miss King's protection in the backfield. Ealey missed come crucial blocks yesterday. The last one cost us the game, and nearly his QBs head.
  • Before I leave Ealey, can he pass the ball? If not, I hope Bobo scraps that Wild Dawg.
  • Speaking of Bobo, I'm sure there's plenty of people questioning his play calling. And in my opinion some of it is deserved. But in fairness, he should direct most of those questions to Coach Searels.
  • One thing I do fault Bobo for however, is the inability to get our tight ends involved in the game. On a day when we were seeing a few difference makers on our sideline in street clothes, Orson Charles and Aron White could've made a difference.
  • That and a screen pass or two may have slowed down that rush a little bit.
  • Why can't Ben Jones snap the ball when they jump offsides?
  • Defensively Grantham has his work cut out for him. With the exception of a couple series, we couldn't pressure one of the nation's best QBs. We came to pull the pork, but Mallet picked us clean.
  • With Mallett hitting a few wide open receivers for TDs, the secondary certainly didn't have a great day. But the cornerstone of this defense is pressure. And except for one series in the fourth quarter, that wasn't there at all.
  • The national media can talk all they want about AJ Green's absence, but one definite bright spot was the play of our receivers. They continually made plays on balls that needed just that. And Marlon Brown nearly pulled a miracle out of his silver britches there on the last play of the game.
And another bright spot is that we've faced the best passing attack we'll see all season. Unfortunately we weren't able to pressure it into a win.


AthensHomerDawg said...

I hear ya....that 3 and 4 just dumbfounds me. Did last years last place D sack our qb 5 times? I thought and still do that our qb has some Grossman like scramblin qualities that need developing. I'm hoping he doesn't share Rex's go for broke ....throw down the field tendencies! Are our TEs just covered up every time their number is called? Shouldn't Holtz and Palmer just wear "I hate UGA" caps and be done with it? Can we take a complete game with us to Miss State next week...on both side of the ball? Is this too many questions to be having at this point in the season? Am I on my way to becoming a negative Georgia fan?
"HELP!!!!I've fallen......and I can't get up".

Anonymous said...

You should notice that after Ealey missed those blocks that almost took off the QB's head, he's now the starter for this week.

Remember in 2008, when the TB who missed a block in the Florida game was benched for TWO GAMES? And now the TB who misses three blocks is promoted.

We are DOOMED>