Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Suspensions/Dismissals Update

No, no word on AJ...yet.

But given my post yesterday on Corch Meyers and Chris "Imma Text You Up"'s only fair to update that Rainey is on some kind of indefinite suspension. The first report I read out of a Jacksonville site said dismissed, but others point to that being inaccurate. Here's Chris Low's update.

Also, it was just announced that Weslye Saunders has been dismissed from his scholly by Carolina. A month ago this would've shocked me. But a couple days ago I was reading in on some tweets between Saunders and Carolina beat guy Travis Haney. And it was apparent that the former Gamecock TE is still not on the same page with his team.

So, we'll wait along with Rainey to see when/if he gets re-instated. And as for Saunders...I guess we'll see him at the Whitney.

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