Friday, September 10, 2010

Trivial Update - Running Thru the Chicken Coop

#ThursdaysRTrivial ep. 59 coming up right after this PSA: Grab a chicken Dawg. Almost time to smoke em!

#ThursdaysRTrivial episode 59 "Running Thru the Chicken Coop" It's time for the Twitter Twivia Show that never has that tired old chicken $hit smell. At least not on gamedays. REPLY back your answer for a chance at a fabulous prize. The last time the Dawgs barked in Chickumbia, this player was second on the team in rushing yards, but led the team in longest rush after a 30 yard jaunt down inside the Visor's 5 yard line. Who was he?

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Just two years ago we went into Lamecock Land pretty full of ourselves. High ranking. All star QB and an electrifying running back. But like most trips there, we quickly began to realize that this time would take as much guts, determination and quick legs as any other.

Stafford's legs weren't quite fast enough to take him to Glory, Glory...but it certainly stirred up the fowl. (about 2 minutes in if you're pressed for time)

Good stuff. A h/t to Mackie on the video sequence.

Back to the trivia, it was Adam who chimed in first, but he quickly redacted his tweet. Let's just say his reasoning was there, but his logic was off. Then came Scott who correctly guessed the current Detroit Lions QB (and reserve QB on my fantasy team) followed by Ally. These three tweeps are clearly ready to taste the chicken.

I've got some framed pictures to give out today. Although none are autographed, I can assure you they are chicken waste free. Scott gets one of the game saving fumble recovery. Ally claims the one of Spurrier's curious and quizzical jaw jut. Classic! And Adam...he gets one of Carlton Thomas.

Remember where to place the beer cans tomorrow Reader.

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Mackie said...

That game ranks #1 on the list of WORST games I've ever been to that Georgia won.