Tuesday, September 7, 2010

When Awesome is too Awesome

You know your kickers are amazingly good when two long FGs and a handful of great punts aren't among the video clips on the coach's own weekly highlight show. I watched the Mark Richt Show yesterday and didn't see any of Drew Butler's long range missiles or Blair Walsh's field goals.

Saturday's ho-hummer: Butler averaged over 46 yards on six punts and had three downed inside the 20. Walsh connected from 52 and 48 yards.

I mean, if Chris Low recognizes a great day off the feet...
Georgia’s kickers: There are weapons in the kicking game, and then are Drew Butler and Blair Walsh....You don’t want to get into a kicking contest with the Bulldogs.
...shouldn't Coach Richt and Chuck Dowdle? I guess when you're used to it game in and game out...maybe not.

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