Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Branden Smith...can you spare a nickel?

Branden Smith's "likely" return to action Saturday against the FU Gators is welcome news. Very much welcome, for these reasons...in specific order.
  1. Nickel situations. Cuff is still struggling, the change in scheme hasn't helped. By the time things stabilized for the Wildcats Saturday and they stopped hemorrhaging turnovers, they were finally able to pick on #25, consistently. Smith adds much needed depth that will come in handy in Jax against a team that we'll use extra d-backs to defend.
  2. Punt return. I was excited about AJ returning punts up until he laid on the turf of Sanford after a brutal hit against Tennessee. No, it wasn't on a punt return. But the flashbacks to the first four games without him were intense. Logan Gray is my preference, then Branden. 
  3. Need for speed. I don't know how much we'd use him on offense, but he's the gamechanger we need on the field whenever possible.
This play in itself is enough to put Slurban back into sabbatical mode. He ran a 4.1 that time Mike...


Anonymous said...

I'm with you until you say you'd prefer Logan Gray back there.

You don't like us to make big gains on PR?

Bernie said...

I do, and Gray can do just that. Believe it.

Sure, Smith is more dangerous, faster. But he's also had two concussions already this season. He's too valuable to risk a full on PR collision right now.

Much, much too valuable.