Saturday, October 9, 2010

Defensive Gamechanger, Apply Within

At some point today, the Dawgs may find themselves at a crossroads...needing a play...desperate for someone to step up and turn the momentum in their direction.

Someone...someone like...Sean Jones.

Georgia has numerous playmakers on defense, in my opinion. It's like they've just been waiting on someone to take the reins and say, "Yeh, I got this."

Here's to the next Dawg to summon their inner Sean Jones and crush the souls of voWels players, as well as leave the inbred fans with their minimal IQs in the palms of their hands.


Anonymous said...

yea, and his name is Alec Ogletree, ya know the guy who gave Branden Smith his concussion.

Unfortunately we have to see the "Hitman" instead...

Bernie said...

I think you're right. That kid's a player in the vein of Davis and Blue. And they played him more yesterday. Even on offense.

namaman said...

Brings to mind one of the best half time shows EVER...!!!