Thursday, October 14, 2010

Depth Desperation and Malcome's Redshirt

I'm curious to see Saturday how desperate we are to pull Ken Malcome's redshirt. If Ealey has the kind of game he wants to (and should have), I'm guessing we don't see #24 on the field. Tucker questioned Georgia's OC about it:
“We’re going to have to figure out a way,” Bobo said. “Guys are going to have to pick up the slack, and Washaun is going to have to be ready to go.”
Carlton Thomas is practicing but has been limited. Right now I put the chances of us seeing Malcome about even with Thomas. If Thomas can't go, I think we'll see Washaun carry the load against the 'Dores with Munzenmaier spelling him. The way our coaches put a premium on blocking and with the game experience both Ealey and Munz have, we'd have to be pretty desperate to put a true freshman in the backfield. (Desperate as in he's already fumbled two times and it's not halftime yet)

Right now, Aaron Murray is the key to the rest of our season. Much more so than back in August. Give Ealey 30 or more carries and use others (Munz, Chapas, and reverses with Wooten, Gray, AJ) to collect the rest of your rushing yards. Not to mention Murray himself.

Of course all of that is guesswork, but there is one thing I'm sure of: if Ealey wants to grab the #1 TB slot at the University of Georgia, it's gonna happen now. King was already pulling away before Monday's arrest. Ealey basically has a two week audition for the starting spot in Jacksonville.


Anonymous said...

We should not red shirt any player unless there is a medical reason. If they are any good, they will leave after their red shirt Jr year or their second year like Moreno. Stafford only stayed 3 years. I believe we only have 80 scholarships right now so we need to use all the players we can.

bulleagle said...

i agree that with kids potentially leaving after three years anyway (see knowshon), they should not be redshirted, but the problem with most of these freshman running backs is that in high school they NEVER, and i mean NEVER, had to block against all-division-1 talent...hitting the right hole and then running on insticts is something that even freshman can often do well, blocking is a whole other subject!

Bernie said...

I agree with playing kids early as well, but your point bulleagle is exactly why I'd be a little surprised to see Malcome Saturday. Not completely shocked, but a little surprised. Too steep of a learning curve. If Marlon Brown could barely crack the WR rotation last year due to blocking deficiencies, it's ten times harder for a kid like Malcome who is charged with protecting the QB.

Still, he's just one (and maybe a half) play away.