Friday, October 8, 2010

Five Keys, One Mindset

Weiszer has his five keys to a victory up. It wasn't lost on me as I read through them that most of them pertain to the one glaring fault I and many others have of Coach Richt at this point: playing and coaching to manage mistakes rather than playing to win.
There is reason for many to panic in the Bulldog Nation. Georgia has lost four straight games for the first time in 20 years and is trying to avoid its first five-game losing streak in the same season since 1953. Georgia needs some big plays to excite the crowd and to avoid costly penalties and sloppy play to keep the home fans from unloading with boos inside Sanford Stadium. Georgia’s chances to win will be better if the crowd is with them instead of against them.
Kids play better when they're loose, relaxed. Fans cheer better when they see the team has the same fervent desire to unleash hell upon the opponents as they do. All of that starts with the guy who's leading the team onto the field. It's been a good week at practice. It's been a good week for accountability. Let's hope it carries over 'tween the hedges.

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