Saturday, October 30, 2010

GameDay Blog - WLOCP

Nice night on St. Simons, as usual. Even though we nearly had to mediate an argument between a spoiled frat kid and a waitress at Bubba Garcia's. Luckily she eventually told the kid to just "go to f@$!ing Taco Bell.

Yup, good night. Now it's time for business.

- I've chosen to go back to the red gameday shirt, even though the black one seems to have helped pull us out of the rocky mtn lows.
- Cuz today isn't about gimmicks, superstitions or fake juice. It's about reclaiming what is ours - Jacksonville. The rest of the state of Florida can slip away into the Atlantic for all I care.

Leaving St.Simons

- It's a little weird, the feeling for this game. I'm trying to remember the last time we came into this game favored and with the momentum. Who was favored in 2004?
- Nama wants me to pass along his "Nugget of the Night" courtesy of Bubba's. Since he's driving this morning I'll oblige.

Natural Light with lime...hard to believe it's not Corona

- Life changing, I know.
- Back to the feeling going in, I'm anxious to see how we respond. The opening drives are big in this game.
- We score first, easier to settle in. We force a three and out, hold them on third and long...that's big.
- On the Twitter? Follow ugakerri and use the #FUF hashtag.

- Don't stretch the leash too far too soon #Dawgs. We need everyone's best bark today. Focus. Determined to win. #FUF #WLOCP #gatorhater
- Great story on GameDay about Rodney Scott and Zac Ethridge. Remarkable. College football, I love it.
- Pollack picks Dawgs and Corso picks go gaytuhs. Sounds about right.

Go Dawgs!!

- Just walked in from tailgate. It's so easy to distinguish between Georgia and Florida fans. They so Fugly.
- it's hot!
- Ahmad Black vs AJ Green...or Orson.
- Not a surprise, Dawg fans here early and ready to bark!
- Pardon me while I put a gator back in his place.

- Sorry, I just didn't hate them enough. That and we got really (darn) careless with the football.
- On a positive note...I made it out of Jax without being arrested....and the beer is still cold.

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