Friday, October 29, 2010

Getting Defensive in Jax

This is Grantham's greatest test. And it's one he's been preparing for since he arrived in Athens evidently.

I think we can pressure Brantley. I think we can contain their running game. Perhaps most importantly, I think we can create turnovers.

  • Can we cover receivers (plural, as in more than one)? If so, things are only gonna get harder for Brantley. If not, we're going to need Florida to be just as generous as Kentucky with the ball and the field position.
  • Can we get some push up the middle? Geathers can eat space. And Tyson had a big hit on Hartline last week, one that I think took a half sack away from Houston on a fumble. If Robinson and Dowtin can roam unimpeded, the more havoc we can wreak on Adazzio's offense.
  • Will we fall flat on third down? The last couple games we've been aggressive, but some of that has been lost on third down. Tackling also isn't as good on third. That needs to change against an athletic offense looking for anything positive to hang its hat on.
Wildcard question...after getting his first start (on offense) last week in Lexington, is this the week Alec Ogletree breaks out?

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