Thursday, October 21, 2010

Grantham's D - Settled In, Hunker'd Down

While the last two weeks have shown us that the defense seems more confident in what they're doing, it's nice to hear the encouraging words being transmitted out of Butts-Mehre as well.

“I knew there was a possibility of a learning curve,” said Grantham, who spent the past 11 seasons in the NFL. “You’ve seen that earlier in the year because we’d play really good and then all of a sudden we give up a gimme play, a big play and those explosive plays early in the year. The fact that we didn’t win the game took away from a lot of good things that we’ve done. The difference in the last two games is we’ve won the game, which is a positive and the most important thing, but really we’ve minimized the explosive plays.”
And while it's still unclear whether Coach Grantham simplified things for his players...
Q - A couple players in the secondary said things were simplified after the losing streak...does that make sense to you?
A - Same stuff we’ve been doing.
Q - Same stuff? Is it presented differently?
A - (shakes head no)
...the truth is, I don't really care. I hope they have some more fun up there in Lexington. I hope they win the game for the team. Because it's past time this defense started getting some more attention for the vast improvements that it has made.


Ollllddude said...

I can easily see why the players would say the coach simplified some things, and the coach says it is the same stuff. As an example, I play competitive duplicate bridge. It is easy to get lost in the complexities of the game. After a while, you start to get it and it seems simpler. Same stuff, really, but having a grip on some concepts suddenly makes it easier.

We still have difficulty knowing when to pull off coverage and defend the run - Cam Newton may kill us - but we are also clearly doing better.

Bernie said...

The key to continued improvement may rest on Geathers. He may not be as important to the defense as Murray is to the offense, but he continually provides space for our ILBs to do some dirty work.