Tuesday, October 12, 2010

King Update - UPDATED

UPDATE: King suspended two games.

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Weiszer has an update on Caleb King's possible consequences for his transgression. We should learn more today since Coach Richt is actually available to media on Tuesdays. King practiced Monday.

Some important points to consider:
  • Despite what you may hear on the radio or in the AJC, Coach Richt does NOT have a "zero tolerance" policy. Groo spells that out best here.
  • Ultimately it is King's responsibility, but I stand by my statement yesterday that he was under the impression that this was a done deal. Whether there was a break down in communication in Butts-Mehre or the Walton County Sheriff's Office, I don't know.
  • To compare what Caleb did wrong to what Baker or Montez did wrong is to compare actual investigative journalism to what some of you read and hear each day. Rex puts that best in his post Irresponsible vs. Criminal.
  • Let CMRs words from last night's call in show sink in a moment...Not a responsible thing, but not an awful act. While the lunatic fringe is desperate for the head coach to make an example of someone, how hard would it be to explain an overreaction to a kid's parents, family? For that matter, any future student-athlete and their parents?
  • The media has made the arrests of UGA football players into a monster that can't possibly be fed enough. Sure, some cases were legitimate headline material (and to be fair, were handled as such by Richt himself). But writers and shock jocks have played fans into such a state that Caleb's career at UGA was being closed by social media outlets and over the airwaves before we even knew the reason he was being detained.
In the end, King may sit as much as a full game. Richt has said it was irresponsible of him to let this go without taking care of it. However, King was out helping a friend and a family member when his tags were run. Tavarres King got one game for having a beer. The nefarious scale is even lower for this King in my opinion.


Anonymous said...

Why has anyone not brought up the pink elephant in the room. The officer asked for the owner to come pick up the vehicle. When they arrived they both were asked to show their license. Am I the only one that has a problem with that? UGA/Athens Clark Police are an absolute joke. Jimmy Williams has been a total tool ever since his days at MGC. If CK was not driving and was just a passenger and doing nothing wrong, what right did they have to run his name or license?

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:46:

From my understandiing, CK was the one that was going to drive the impounded vehicle home.

Anonymous said...

Per people who have direct experience I have talked to, running licenses is SOP for any situation when police are turning over a vehicle to someone.

Anonymous said...

That makes no sense at all. Why would CK drive the car when it belonged to Brandon Wood. Think about that.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:46 and 11:46:

I got this info from Seth Emerson's blog:

Brandon King was cited for driving without a valid driver's license, after being pulled over at around 3:59 a.m. on Monday morning in Athens. Brandon King, 23, was driving a Ford Explorer owned by Georgia defensive lineman Brandon Wood, a roommate of Caleb King.

Before being handcuffed, the officer asked Brandon King to call the owner of the vehicle. Wood showed up five minutes later, at around 5 a.m. with Caleb King.

At that point Caleb King stated he would be driving the car back to their apartment. The officer ran the driver's licenses of Wood and King, and while Wood's came back with no problem, King's showed it was suspended.

Read more: http://dawg-extra.blogspot.com/2010/10/details-on-king-charge.html#ixzz12A5DvAs3

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:46 and 11:46:

Here is a different version from a more recen Marc Weiser article:

Caleb King, 22, was not with his brother in the vehicle when Brandon King, 23, was arrested for not having a valid driver’s license, but he came to the scene after police asked Brandon to call the owner of the vehicle. The car is owned by Georgia defensive end Brandon Wood, who arrived with Caleb King at Barnett Shoals Road and Gaines School Road, where the vehicle was pulled over, according to the report.

King was going to drive home a vehicle to his apartment while Wood would drive home the vehicle he owned.

When the officer checked their licenses to make sure they were valid, it was discovered that Caleb King did not have a valid license and the outstanding warrant issued on Aug. 9 in nearby Walton County showed up. That warrant was for failure to appear in court three days earlier after police clocked King going 76 miles per hour in a 55 mile per hour zone on June 20th, according to Walton County warrants clerk Cindy Hester.


Anonymous said...

Everything that everyone is saying is just hearsay. How many of you can honestly say if it were your car that were about to be impounded that when you arrived on the scene you would hand it off to someone else. It makes no sense. For a police department that impounds cars for the smallest of violations, why all of a sudden do they let the owner come pick it up. Most of what these people report is irresponsible hearsay. Investigate what you read before you believe it to be true.