Thursday, October 7, 2010

Leading Despite Inexperience

He's the one bright spot in an offense that has struggled mightily since Labor Day. Yet he was once considered the unit's only question mark. He trails his charges in semesters of matriculation, but leads them in yardage and GATAttitide.

Ladies and Gentlemen...Aaron Murray.

Murray displaying some awesomeness. (courtesy of ABH)
This piece by Paschall pretty much explains it all. What was once considered to be the Dawgs' weakest link has turned out to be the glue holding Bobo's house of cards upright. Or at least as upright as he can.
The line was considered the team's biggest strength behind Green before the season, but it has been the last offensive area to come around.
"I'd say across the board we just haven't been good enough, " Richt said. "There have been some bright spots. There have been some good things that have happened, but we just haven't done it good enough as a team, so I don't really want to single out the O-line because they're in the same boat as everybody else is in, in my opinion."
 Everybody, it seems, except Murray, whose play has been surprisingly solid.
Coming into the season, my only question about Murray was his health. Meaning, could he endure the rigors of SEC play? Sure, I knew he'd have some growing to do and that we'd have to take some lumps as a result. And honestly, it's more than fair to say he still has some learning ahead of him. However, like the Senator says, his play has been a pleasant surprise

Nearly as surprising as the offense's struggles thus far. If we had been told 5 weeks ago that at this point in the season the Dawgs would stand at 1-4, how many of us would've figured in Aaron Murray as the sole person responsible instead of an All-SEC receiver and a stagnant running game?

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