Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Locker Notes - bites of gator cuz gators bite

As per tradition, some more last minute costume ideas: a Houstonated Brantley, Rainey's cell phone, Trinton Sturdivant's money maker, a gradulated go gaytuh!, Slurban's Sabbatical...and for something that'll really scare the kids, a Brandon Spikes Eye Gouger (although you'll have to sit out the first half of Trick or Treating).

And now for some Hate Week locker notes:
  • Washaun Ealey - You saved room for gator didn't you? Tastes like chicken.
  • Caleb King - Now that you're back, I can think of no one better to make our campus newspaper eat their own print with a big performance in Jax.
  • Bacarri Rambo - Please help Rainey understand how we feel about terroristic texts to young ladies.
  • Blair Walsh - Your misses are quickly overshadowed by your determined, positive attitude. Have a great game.
  • Coach Richt - As much as I want this game, you have to want it ten times more. No gimmicks, plenty of attitude and absolute focus. GATA!
  • Brandon Boykin - I took the liberty of checking, and Slurban's teams especial have yet to give up a kickoff return for TD. That's a thing that makes me go Hmm... 
  • Coach Grantham - This being your first trip down there, we don't really care if you grab it by the tail or start with the head...just kick that gator's ass!
Unless you wear jorts, you should be able to construct one of these yourself. Or feel free to add your own last minute costume idea. 

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5thYearSoph said...

costume idea - Ron Zook Zombie

Locker Note - Ben Jones - Show Pouncey how it's supposed to be done!