Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Locker Notes - KenYucky Downs

Can these Wildcats finish the race? Or will the Dawgs turn these Big Blue into sticky glue?
  • Kwame Geathers - You're impact on the box score may be slight, but we can see you drawing double teams. I'm sure Robinson and Dowtin appreciate it.
  • Alec Ogletree - There's no turning back now, fans have set your expectations through the roof. And there's no question in my mind you can set the bar higher.
  • Carlton Thomas - Some pretty big runs last week. I doubt even Justin Houston could've kept you out of that endzone.
  • Coach Grantham - Big test this week. Let's hit em hard, early. GATA!
  • Sanders Commings - Leading the team in INTs. Gonna be more opportunities out there Saturday night.
  • Aron White - Pretty clear you're ready to cross the goalline. I think Saturday's just the game for it. 
  • DeMarcus Dobbs - You remember Lexington...right?
Don't be shy. Let's see what you got Reader. 

1 comment:

dean said...

Aaron Murry - Just keep on keepin' on.

Rambo - Time to put the concussion behind you and BRING SOME PAIN!!

Secondary - If faced with a 4th & long situation please, for the love of money, do not watch Randell Cobb run right by you.

GATA boys!