Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Locker Notes - Vandy not so Dandy

They can ace their SATs all they want. I'll be impressed when they block Justin Houston.

  • Washaun Ealey - Goals for Saturday: protect Murray, protect the ball...and run for 150.
  • Logan Gray - You get closer and closer to breaking one. I can't wait.
  • Trinton Sturdivant - I think I can speak for all of us when I say, It's great to have you back!!
  • Russ - I sincerely hope retirement is as good to you as you have been to us. Thanks Dawg! 
  • Aaron Murray - You think you're happy with your progress? An entire Dawg Nation is on the edge of its collective seat.
  • Blair Walsh - Saw your tweet yesterday. Just when I think you've reached the bar, you set it higher. I like that.
  • Kenarious Gates - Goals for Saturday: help Ealey achieve all of his.
Go ahead and add your own Homecoming Locker Note. That sharpie's somewhere around here...

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