Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday's Meatloaf - The Beastly East

Wow. What a wild and wacky...and wonderful Saturday of football. If only the Blue Raiders of Middle Tennessee had used their own Ti-89s (h/t Kathleen) to defeat the engiNerds at their own game it would truly have been one for the ages.

Better days may be behind them...
Dawgs have now dominated two inferior opponents just as we should. The fact that it has happened in consecutive weeks gets me closer to actually believing we may have shed the skin of playing down to our opponents (read: Colorado et al., ad nauseam) With the über tough suspension of Caleb and the gritty play on the field, it appears Coach Richt is trying to regain control of this team, program. But a trip to Lexington is gonna be a true measuring stick.

Cuz these cats are wild. Came within a whisker of beating AwwBarn and managed to figure out a way to stop that Lattimore kid...tackle him into a training table. Genius! I could never come close to replicating the ignorance of a fan from South Crackalacky, but the play call at the end the other night wouldn't bother me if I were. Using the time to call it and then throwing it into a sea of blue was however deliciously perplexing.

Speaking of tasty morsels, down in Slurban City, things are slithering south fast. Dan Mullen stirred a little chaos into the swampjuice those jorters have been gulping down. Lemme quote: Urban is riding on his 2 NC's that he got for Florida. He has not done a thing lately. His football team will be unranked. The "his" jumps right out at me - denying ownership, sign #1 of dire straights. The "lately" jumps out to me too. In all fairness, it has been like a year and a half since Corch brought home a trophy.

And then this response to a "bandwagon" jab: so because we don't have blind faith in urban and we can see that his program is in shambles and he's lost his mojo we're banwagon fans. 

Awesome. I'm assuming that reptile could actually spell "bandwagon" correctly were it not for the angst in his veins. But the lack of a question mark at the end I guess makes it a rhetorical statement. Kinda like Swampbillies are cold-blooded.

Today's Ingredients
  • Perhaps the best place to start would be with a week seven wrapup. Battle Hymn Notes obliges.
  • Clarkson grades out the game. 
  • Kim ranks the top performers from Saturday. Can't say I'd argue about Butler either. Was his best game since the opener. 
  • Danny has some compelling picture evidence in regards to that mysterious incomplete pass that took away a TD for Christian Robinson.
  • Now that Blair Walsh has the UGA record for consecutive PATs, Rex updates us on where he stands in terms of the SEC record.
  • Paschall finds Washaun Ealey finally with something to smile about.
  • "...winning the game sometimes, yeah, it's good enough, but this time you can shut them out. We can stomp on them."
  • Ben Dukes offers objectivity amid the excitement.
  • I didn't know they had the Twitter in KenYucky, but evidently Randall Cobb uses it frequently to cut Big Blue fans off at the knees. Randy doesn't think this playmaker needs any more reason to be pumped about this game.
  • At least we're no longer the signature win of the Dan Mullen career in Stark'dville.
  • Big Muddy uses a mystery train to arrive at a shocking conclusion regarding floriDuh's Chas Henry.
  • the Senator wonders where all the geniuses have gone.
  • With the BCS Standings released for the first time this season, Chris Low evaluates how the SEC is faring in the race for the MNC.
  • Speaking of the BCS, Mike foreshadows great tumult and near chaos.
  • Lastly, with basketball season approaching quicker than a Travis Leslie breakaway, DaugMan offers a synopsis of Coach Fox's interview. And, found some good stuff in an interview with UKs Calipari.

So we've gone from the Folsom Field Blues to the Homecoming Highs. A welcome relief to the suffering Dawg hearts that all but broke so early in the season. But longshot scenarios are a tenuous footing even in mid-October. I'm glad the fans have something positive to talk about, but I'm sure the coaches aren't letting Atlanta enter into any discussions; at least any lengthy discussions.

He snaps the ball even better than he poses.
Sure, use the tight East race as motivation to keep working. But if the last matchup with the Wildcats back in November taught us anything it's that they are no lap kitty. Saturday night will be tough. I hope Bruce is ready to bite, cuz these cats claw. Homecoming's over. The cupcake's been eaten.

If you were to force me into a situation where I had to pick Saturday's winner, at this point I would likely go with Georgia. There are a number of things going in our favor, AJ Green, Aaron Murray, their rushing defense, Randall Cobb's twitter...

But what really swings it to our side for me at this point is a guy that can kick the whatchamacallit out of itYup, we have Blair Walsh. And Saturday may come down to a placekick (h/t Alan). 69-13-57. A winning combination from snap, to hold, to boot.

Can Frix, Butler and Walsh create their own blue grass memory? Can the running game stay on track? Will the secondary be up for the test that Joker's proctoring? Will UK fans put basketball off one more week? We've got a week to get ready, the answers are out there somewhere.

Hope your Monday has more answers than questions Reader. Here's your fork. Take it one bite at a time.



AthensHomerDawg said...

Good stuff. LMAO at at the last part of your post. Thanks!

Bernie said...

Glad you caught that AthensHomerDawg. :)

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